30 September 2010

A new stage version of Yes, Prime Minister has just arrived in the West End. Does it recapture past glories? And what can it tell us about government today?

28 September 2010

Parliament is looking at who owns "grand strategy" in the UK – is this an opportunity to apply our Shaping Up recommendations to national security issues?

24 September 2010

Quangos are back in the news again with the leak of the proposed list of bodies facing closure or merger.

22 September 2010

The Spending Review is looming large over Whitehall. It is no surprise the current focus of attention is what the numbers are going to be. However, looking ahead, the bigger question will be how to implement the cuts.

21 September 2010

The problems with our current system of classifying arm’s length bodies is shown in the Treasury Select Committee report published today on the new Office for Budget Responsibility.

16 September 2010

Coalitions involve wholly new ways of governing. Most other European countries understand that, as do the Scots and Welsh. But the adjustment in Whitehall among both ministers and official is still not complete.

26 August 2010

Some emerging insights about the implications of the Big Society as explored in our recent Big Society Public Services seminar series.

19 August 2010

Lord Bichard shares his personal highlights of his time as Executive Director of the Institute, as he steps down to become a Senior Fellow.

19 August 2010

Why everyone involved in merging or abolishing Arm's length bodies should look to the Ofcom experience - and a recently published list of 10 key lessons produced by the now defunct Hearing Aid Council.

16 August 2010

Why the coalition government might want to make Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' its summer recess reading.