08 March 2011

Bureaucrat bashing is, for many, an attractive and enjoyable blood sport. It is built into the DNA of certain parts of Fleet Street, providing easy targets as the hapless bureaucrats have no real means of defending themselves.

07 March 2011

The Institute's latest report, Balancing Act, proposes a range of reforms to enhance parliament's role in the public appointments process, including a veto over appointment to and dismissal from 25 top posts.

04 March 2011

I heard how Leeds and Bradford felt about elected mayors on the latest leg of my city tour.

03 March 2011

Mervyn Davies' report last week, 'Women on Boards' (PDF, 1.92MB) has highlighted, to no great surprise, the shocking under representation of women on the boards of British companies.

01 March 2011

Just over a year ago, the Institute published 'Shaping Up': a vision for the future of Whitehall. The Irish have drawn on it for their new programme of government - which offers an experiment in radical reform born out its crisis.

28 February 2011

Unless Alan Shearer or Cheryl Cole throw their hats in the ring, there won't be much support for a Mayor of Newcastle in next year’s referendum.

25 February 2011

Why has the government has got itself into a tangle over quotas for public service providers?

24 February 2011

We spend £16 billion a year on Government IT but our approach is deeply flawed. When faced with high levels of uncertainty about specifications and technologies we need to adopt a more agile approach.

22 February 2011

Caroline Spelman MP is extricating herself from the woods on forests by remitting the issue to a panel of experts.  She is not alone in asking for outsiders to help sort a knotty policy problem. But in Britain every time we do this, we have to set up a new review from scratch.  There is an alternative approach, as Australia's Productivity Commission shows.

18 February 2011

It is ten years this week since the first diagnosis of foot and mouth. The former secretary to the lessons learned inquiry reflects on their findings.