04 May 2011

If AV is defeated tomorrow, it is the city of Leicester which will herald the revolutionary constitutional change of the year.

27 April 2011

Proposals today by Defra to create an Animal Health and Welfare Board represent a fascinating move to open out policy making. But they need to be managed carefully if they are not to lead to the interests of producers coming before those of the public.

21 April 2011

Today's political headlines are dominated by a group of Lib Dem peers who want to delay national roll out of elected police commissioners until they have been piloted. This may be an attempt to derail Coalition policy. But it is an odd reflection on our process of policy making that we regard moving straight to full scale implementation as the norm.

19 April 2011

According to one senior civil servant, "if we built aeroplanes the way we build policy, none would ever fly". We' d like you to nominate policies with wings - and those that collapse at the end of the runway.

13 April 2011

The Coaltion pledged to "limit" the number of special advisers in government, but it will soon have to acknowledge that the number has slowly been rising. This might not necessarily be a bad thing.

12 April 2011

No single party is likely to win a majority in the Scottish election on 5 May, and the same may happen in Wales. So who might be willing to form a government with whom?

11 April 2011

Why the bizarre 'purdah'-busting announcement of an announcement on restricting local authority discretion on waste suggests the government does not get its own localist agenda.

06 April 2011

Government pronouncements on how they will ensure progress on social mobility and sustainability reveal mixed up thinking at the heart of government on how to achieve outcomes.

01 April 2011

Community Budget pilots present an opportunity to demonstrate the much heralded decentralisation agenda in action. To do so, pilot areas and central government will need to be brave and truly experiment with new ways of working.

01 April 2011

Today marks the start of the government's financial year, and with it the point when our fiscal squeeze gets real. It is easy to forget just how large the challenge we have set ourselves is.