29 September 2011

“MPs are not chosen by 'the people' - they are chosen by their local constituency parties: thirty-five men in grubby raincoats or thirty-five women in silly hats.” Sir Humphrey Appleby, Yes Minister

27 September 2011

Ministerial and civil service accountability for big projects needs to be clarified to ensure that the buck stops where it should.

22 September 2011

Another week, another example of a big government project failing at scale. This week, the NHS National Programme for IT is back in the news, but there’s also a blazing row over who’s to blame for the failure of the fire service programme, which reportedly cost taxpayers almost £500m.

20 September 2011

Nick Clegg this week launched a new strategy to improve the diversity of Liberal Democrat MPs. But the high costs of standing for election, and the small number of winnable seats available, mean that progress will be slow.

16 September 2011

The publication of the IFS’s review of the tax system this week shows up the deficiencies in the way we make policy about taxation.

13 September 2011

The House of Commons has now arranged debates next month on the two most popular e-petitions, but flaws remain in the system which risk increasing voter disillusionment with politics.

06 September 2011

Two Tory MPs offer an unexpected analysis of the banking crisis in a book which confronts the need for bankers and policymakers to change their behavioural incentives as much as rules.

05 September 2011

Can policy makers learn anything from the way in which some elements of the scientific community now approach collaboration?

01 September 2011

If we get the mayoral offer right, we can transform the way our cities are governed.

26 August 2011

For years government has been using private money for capital projects and public money for services. Guest blogger Ian Mulheirn, Director of the Social Market Foundation, thinks neither offers value for money. Perhaps it’s time to switch them round.