20 January 2011

To help explain Social Impact Bonds, I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse: you can save £100 in a year's time by spending £50 today.

19 January 2011

There is always a need for balance between the right of an elected government to get its business through and effective scrutiny. Yesterday the Speaker of the House of Commons set out an achievable agenda for change around Balfour’s principle that "democracy is government by explanation".

17 January 2011

The lessons from New Zealand's mixed member proportional (MMP) representation system in terms of the UK's proposed Alternative Vote are varied. But there is much about the country's experience that the UK could reflect upon.

07 January 2011

Following PASC's report on the government's 'bonfire of the quangos', the focus must now be on managing the transition or demise of affected arm's length bodies – with the interests of the public in mind.

06 January 2011

I am visiting each of the 12 largest provincial English cities proposed to have elected mayors. Yesterday I visited Bristol, which has seen seven council leaders in eight years. Does the city want its own Boris?

23 December 2010

Those undertaking independent reviews for the Coalition or making policy inside government would do well to pay attention to the story of the Pensions Commission.

21 December 2010

The new permanent secretary appointments mark two shifts – a significant increase in the number of women, now in control of bigger budgets, and a reinforcement of local government as an alternative route to the top.

16 December 2010

The ongoing reforms to higher education are a major opportunity for the coalition to show its commitment to improving policy through behavioural economics.

14 December 2010

The publication of the draft Cabinet Manual is an important development in explaining how government operates rather than a step to a written constitution.

09 December 2010

A public sector in shock with new announcements every day – reform of this, a White Paper on that. Will those in charge of all this change have the necessary skills and experience to turn it into reality?