13 March 2018

The Treasury did a sterling job reducing expectations. The speech was a bit longer than billed but kept its focus. The big question is whether the Chancellor was right to stick with no Spending Review until 2019, argues Jill Rutter.

12 March 2018

The House of Commons must hand over the investigation and sanction of bullying and harassment to an independent body, argues Dr Hannah White.

07 March 2018

Despite improvements in the representation of women in government, Charlotte Baker says that in politics and the civil service, significant barriers to seniority still remain.

07 March 2018

The Chancellor will set out the UK's economic outlook in a pared-down Spring Statement next week. Bronwen Maddox offers her advice on what he could say. 

06 March 2018

With the Welsh and Scottish governments taking steps to pre-empt the EU Withdrawal Bill through their own continuity bills, the UK has moved a step closer to constitutional crisis, argues Jack Kellam.

02 March 2018

Since her Lancaster House speech in January 2017, the Prime Minister has reiterated the need for a “deep and special” partnership with the EU. Finally, writes Jill Rutter, she is offering some detail.

27 February 2018

In the Government’s latest Brexit speech, David Lidington appealed to the Scottish and Welsh Governments to compromise on the EU Withdrawal Bill. But Akash Paun fears that agreement is now beyond reach.

26 February 2018

Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for Brexit blurs — and sometimes crosses — a number of the Government’s red lines. But the small print means it is far from clear that his “bespoke” Brexit would be more negotiable with the EU than the Prime Minister’s, argues Jill Rutter.  

21 February 2018

With an imminent resumption of devolved government in Northern Ireland increasingly unlikely, Jack Kellam explains what a return to direct rule would mean.

20 February 2018

The Brexit show rolls on to Vienna today. David Davis is hinting at where the Government may end up – but Jill Rutter argues that it is far from clear that the EU will agree.