26 April 2018

A joint Institute for Government and British Red Cross event looked at how government responds to crises. Marcus Shepheard says Government needs to ensure local and voluntary resources are better engaged in every part of the country.

25 April 2018

As London navel-gazes, the other EU member states are busy forging a future without the UK. The longer we take to decide what Brexit means, the more likely we are to be left behind, argues Tim Durrant.

25 April 2018

Parliamentary support for staying in a customs union with the European Union is now the biggest threat to the Government’s handling of Brexit. The Government should make its arguments for leaving in much more detail – or use Parliament as a reason to change its view.

24 April 2018

Amber Rudd’s statement to the Commons on Windrush does not draw a line under the issue of the Windrush generation. Marcus Shepheard argues that if there is to be accountability, then the Home Affairs Select Committee must get answers – and not just from her. 

24 April 2018

Losses at one of the Government’s favourite companies could hit the public at every level, warn Nick Davies and Oliver Chan. But does anyone – even in Whitehall – know the scale of the problem?

20 April 2018

A year ago, the Prime Minister called a general election in the hopes of getting a majority to help her get Brexit through Parliament. But Jill Rutter says that her failure to adapt parliamentary tactics after the election result is an even bigger own goal.

17 April 2018

The UK Government has referred the Scottish and Welsh EU continuity bills to the Supreme Court. Akash Paun and Christopher Caden argue that this will do little to resolve the underlying problem of poor relations between the UK and devolved governments.

13 April 2018

Millions of EU nationals living in Britain will need to apply for ‘settled status’ after Brexit. With tight timelines and groups needing help with their application, Joe Owen argues that Home Office belligerence must end.

11 April 2018

The Wales Act 2017 was supposed to herald a new dawn for Welsh devolution. But instead, argues Jack Kellam, the act facilitated a breakdown in trust between the UK and Welsh governments.

11 April 2018

David Davis has allegedly won a Whitehall battle over the level of ambition in the next phase of Brexit talks. But, Jill Rutter says, the UK needs workable propositions more than hundreds of more negotiators.