20 December 2011

The appointment of Sharon White as DG Public Services at the Treasury marks a notable breakthrough for women at HMT.

16 December 2011

If you thought Big Society ideas had disappeared, think again.

15 December 2011

The appointment of respected economist Andrew Dilnot to chair the UK Statistics Authority is an important landmark in parliamentary scrutiny of appointments to key quangos.

13 December 2011

Is there anything that conventional politics can learn from the Occupy movement and their general assemblies?

09 December 2011

The debate in England's major provincial cities over whether to have elected mayors - to be determined in referendums next May - is hotting up. At a debate in Bristol last week, support seemed widespread, although several concerns specific to Bristol were also raised.

09 December 2011

The continuing concern over the cost of the NHS IT system throws into sharp relief the crying need to adopt a radically-different approach to public procurement and service delivery.

08 December 2011

The government wants a new deal with cities but, they say, it must be a 'genuine transaction... with both parties willing to offer up and demand things in return.'

08 December 2011

This week saw the publication of the latest annual British Attitudes Survey. It showed that while three-quarters of people think the gap between rich and poor is too large, only a third of people think the answer is for government to redistribute more. Though attracting much attention, the survey builds on a trend that has been emerging for a decade.

02 December 2011

At our event on great resignations Andrew Adonis said civil servants never resign because they don't believe in anything.  Should they?

29 November 2011

Conservative MP Nick Boles told an Institute for Government audience on Monday about travelling to the US in 2008 during the early stages of the preparations for the 2010 General Election. Meeting with senior Democrats overseeing the transition, he found that they had around 500 people working on various aspects of Obama's preparation for government. At around the same time, the Conservatives had seven.