24 March 2011

Does anyone realistically think that those in the FCO and MOD who are working on North Africa are working that bit harder because they might get a bonus at the end of it? It just doesn’t work like that.

23 March 2011

The Treasury's decision to pre-brief most of the good news in the Budget finally explodes the myth of the need for special rules for Budget making. We might all benefit from a more open approach to making tax policy.

22 March 2011

Last night, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of military action in Libya. Ever since the Iraq war there has been a long running debate about how and when MPs should be involved in approving the commitment of armed forces.

17 March 2011

The recently released 'external contact' chart from the Cabinet Office provides a fascinating insight into the different roles played by Cabinet secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell and No.10 Permanent Secretary, Jeremy Heywood.

14 March 2011

Japan has become the latest government to have their crisis management capability tested by extreme natural disaster.

11 March 2011

Andrew Adonis is in Sheffield - the latest stop on his city mayors' tour.

10 March 2011

There is no obvious link between what governments do and the number of ministers. We now have more ministers than before devolution, even though large areas of domestic policy are now the responsibility of the executives in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

08 March 2011

Bureaucrat bashing is, for many, an attractive and enjoyable blood sport. It is built into the DNA of certain parts of Fleet Street, providing easy targets as the hapless bureaucrats have no real means of defending themselves.

07 March 2011

The Institute's latest report, Balancing Act, proposes a range of reforms to enhance parliament's role in the public appointments process, including a veto over appointment to and dismissal from 25 top posts.

04 March 2011

I heard how Leeds and Bradford felt about elected mayors on the latest leg of my city tour.