10 October 2016

For the last 20 years, commentators have agonised about how to curb an over-mighty Treasury. Jill Rutter warns it is now looking marginalised – just when we really need it.

06 October 2016

The latest Civil Service statistics, which give us data on everything from diversity to grades, are out today. Gavin Freeguard, Adam Boon and Robert Adam find a smaller, older Civil Service, with improving gender balance. All data as of March 2016.

05 October 2016

The big theme of Theresa May’s first conference speech as Prime Minister was that ‘change is going to come’. Her warm-up act, Ruth Davidson, reminded the party faithful that while men spoke, it was women who got things done. But, Emma Norris says it is going to be an uphill struggle for Theresa May to meet her ambitious promises to deliver an ‘economy and society that works for everyone.’

05 October 2016

In April 2016, Nehal Davison, from the Institute for Government, concluded that big reforms to improve policymaking in New Zealand had reached a ‘critical transition point’, which risked tailing off. The New Zealand Prime Minister’s recent endorsement signal that the reforms are on track, says public servant and guest blogger, Sally Washington.

03 October 2016

Hinkley Point C has been given the green light. But Oliver Ilott says the Government’s ‘Value for Money assessment’ is simply not good enough.

03 October 2016

Philip Hammond’s speech marked a focus on the actual role of Chancellor – a welcome break with the last 20 years, says Julian McCrae.

03 October 2016

The Prime Minister and her Brexit ministers have finally provided some information about how they see the UK’s exit from the European Union being achieved. Dr Hannah White looks at what we now know. 

29 September 2016

Our latest Brexit event – held in partnership with PwC – focused on the need to reform the UK immigration system. Robyn Munro finds that there is still no real consensus, even amongst experts.

26 September 2016

The Institute for Government today published 15 new interviews with former Labour ministers as part of its Ministers Reflect project. As the action kicks off at the Labour Party conference, Nicola Hughes looks at what they tell us.

23 September 2016

How the devolved governments will be involved in Brexit is a matter of serious concern in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast – even if it may not feel like a top priority in Westminster. Akash Paun looks at how the process should work and what happens if it goes wrong.