22 November 2016

Julian McCrae highlights five things to watch out for to understand what’s really happening in tomorrow's Autumn Statement.

21 November 2016

Populist politicians have spent the last few months taking pot shots at central bankers. Jill Rutter argues that the Office for Budget Responsibility may be next in the firing line – and Ministers will need to defend its integrity. 

21 November 2016

As the world comes to terms with the results of last week’s US elections, Robyn Munro argues that the Trump Presidency will have a significant impact on trade and foreign policy relations between the US and the EU – but offers some opportunities for a post-Brexit UK.  

18 November 2016

Next week’s Autumn Statement will be an opportunity for a fiscal reset post-Brexit. But Jill Rutter argues the Chancellor should also use his speech to set out a new (and better) approach to making tax policy.  

15 November 2016

A leaked memo has highlighted some fundamental issues about how Whitehall is working to deliver Brexit. Joe Owen says the real proof of the Government’s ability to manage Brexit will be in the Autumn Statement.

14 November 2016

Oliver Ilott argues that it is Parliament’s role in signing off a final Brexit deal that has the greatest influence over the UK’s negotiating position and its bargaining power.

11 November 2016

Richard Branson’s healthcare group, Virgin Care, has been awarded a £700 million contract to run essential NHS services. Chris Wajzer says two things must happen to make sure people benefit from this deal.

10 November 2016

As the world reacts to Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential race and considers what role misogyny played in Hillary Clinton’s defeat, Nicola Hughes digs into our Ministers Reflect archive to look at the experience of women leaders in the UK.

10 November 2016

There continues to be significant debate over UK immigration policy, and what price the country may pay for imposing restrictions on EU migrants in terms of Single Market access. Aron Cheung says this issue divides the UK and devolved governments, and looks at the radical solutions proposed.

09 November 2016

Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States. Bronwen Maddox says his victory not only poses immediate questions about the direction of the US – it raises bigger questions about how to govern a deeply divided country.