08 February 2017

A third of government money is spent on contracted goods and services, and Tom Gash argues that reforms to improve government contracting must get the support they deserve.

07 February 2017

Will local communities help or hinder the measures proposed in today’s Housing White Paper? It’s up to the Government to decide, argues Chris Wajzer. 

06 February 2017

Hilary Benn MP believes the Home Office faces a serious challenge in attempting to register the three million EU residents currently living in the UK. Euan McCarthy explains the scale of that challenge. 

03 February 2017

Seventy-seven pages (but some of them grey), finished at 4.17am – and with one wildly inaccurate graph. Jill Rutter asks what we learnt from the Brexit White Paper published yesterday.

03 February 2017

Former No.10 Policy Unit head Camilla Cavendish has been talking dirty on Radio 4 – specifically on the need to clean up our dirty air. But Jill Rutter says the problem of diesel has been around much longer than a few weeks of high alerts for poor air quality.

02 February 2017

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Buckingham, set out his top tips for every occupant of Downing Street at a recent Institute for Government event. Akash Paun explains Seldon’s assertion that by focusing on the negative, we fail to learn from when prime ministers get it right.  

31 January 2017

Before the EU referendum the path for English devolution was relatively clear. Dr Jo Casebourne and Lucy Campbell ask whether the devolution agenda is now in peril.

30 January 2017

The 2017 Whitehall Monitor report identifies a worrying backslide in government transparency. Adam Boon says this raises concerns about the Government’s commitment to open data and will make it harder to assess the performance of Whitehall unless this trend is reversed. 

26 January 2017

The Government will publish a Brexit white paper but Jill Rutter argues that for it to be any use, it needs to give Parliament a proper basis for agreeing to trigger Article 50. That means it needs to be informative, timely – and published before the debate.

26 January 2017

Theresa May wants to conclude a US agreement within two years. But Oliver Ilott argues that Whitehall is not ready. [This piece first appeared in Times Red Box.]