11 January 2017

With European elections, Trump and Brexit, the year ahead will continue to present new and unpredictable challenges for the Government. But there is a lot that Theresa May’s team can prepare for already, says Dr Hannah White.

10 January 2017

Under Northern Ireland’s unique devolution arrangements, yesterday’s resignation of Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness looks set to trigger an early election, and could have more serious implications for power-sharing government in Belfast, says Akash Paun.

09 January 2017

The latest data on special advisers (spads) reveals that overall numbers have dropped under Theresa May, but those remaining in post are earning more and are more likely to be men. Robert Adam looks at the figures.

09 January 2017

Theresa May has today pledged to overhaul mental healthcare, but do these measures add up to the ‘transformation’ of mental health provision that she has promised? Emma Norris says it will take more. 

06 January 2017

Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane spoke to IfG Director Bronwen Maddox about the state of the British economy – and the state of the economics profession. Most of the press comment has focused on Haldane’s discussion of forecasting errors, but Jill Rutter reports he had some interesting insights into how economics might contribute to tackling the UK’s more deeply entrenched economic and social problems. 

06 January 2017

In among the pre-Christmas data-dump, the Government quietly changed the rules around ministers making direct appointments to their teams. Nicola Hughes argues that this is a mistake. 

04 January 2017

The resignation letter of Sir Ivan Rogers was a clarion call to ‘speak truth to those in power’. Dr Catherine Haddon says that role will be just as crucial for his successor. 

03 January 2017

It is rare for the departure of a government official to be the subject of so much instant comment. But in a year which will be dominated by Brexit, the decision by the UK’s top representative in Brussels to leave a few months before schedule is big news, says Jill Rutter. 

22 December 2016

A new fiscal framework for Wales was published this week, after agreement was reached between the UK and the Welsh Governments on how Welsh public services will be funded in future. Aron Cheung considers the implications.

21 December 2016

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) is currently hearing a case about the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, which Oliver Ilott argues could have an effect on the UK’s free trade with the EU after Brexit.