06 March 2017

Today the Institute for Government publishes a new Ministers Reflect interview with Lord (Jim) O’Neill. Dr Jo Casebourne looks at what he has to say about his experience as ‘the guy that was driving the Northern Powerhouse’ from his time as Commercial Secretary to the Treasury in 2015-16.

27 February 2017

In recent months, tensions between the Government and the judiciary have ramped up on both sides of the pond. Nicola Hughes looks at the relationship between ministers and the legal world, based on our Ministers Reflect interviews.

09 February 2017

One by-product of the EU referendum was the end of the Cameron administration – and a big government shake-up. Our latest Ministers Reflect interviews capture the thoughts of those who have left the frontbenches as a result. Nicola Hughes gives us the highlights. 

25 November 2016

Ines Stelk reviews the highlights from our newest ‘Ministers Reflect’ interviews, including a former Chancellor, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary. 

10 November 2016

As the world reacts to Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential race and considers what role misogyny played in Hillary Clinton’s defeat, Nicola Hughes digs into our Ministers Reflect archive to look at the experience of women leaders in the UK.

26 September 2016

The Institute for Government today published 15 new interviews with former Labour ministers as part of its Ministers Reflect project. As the action kicks off at the Labour Party conference, Nicola Hughes looks at what they tell us.

20 July 2016

We’ve interviewed nearly 40 former ministers about how to do the job well for our ‘Ministers Reflect’ archive. Nicola Hughes looks at their advice for new ministers.

15 July 2016

In the political excitement of the last few days, it’s easy to forget about the people behind the scenes in government departments. Nicola Hughes looks at our Ministers Reflect archive to offer advice on welcoming in a minister.

12 July 2016

It remains to be seen what kind of leader Theresa May will be, but she is far from a new face in Westminster. Nicola Hughes looks for clues about what kind of Prime Minister she will be, from the people that used to work with her.

22 June 2016

Whichever way tomorrow’s European Union (EU) referendum goes, it is likely that we’ll see a government reshuffle this year. Here Nicola Hughes considers former ministers’ reflections on the process of reshuffles.