24 May 2019

Bronwen Maddox argues that Theresa May's legacy is little more than a failure to deliver Brexit and a painful illustration of the huge challenge that awaits her successor.

22 May 2019

Theresa May insists that Parliament can stop the UK from leaving the EU without a deal, but Maddy Thimont Jack says that MPs no longer have a decisive route to prevent a no deal Brexit.

20 May 2019

The stalling of political progress on Brexit has left frustrated civil servants without any sense of what they are working towards, writes Joe Owen.

17 May 2019

The Government will make the Withdrawal Agreement Bill as attractive as possible to try and convince MPs to pass it – but, argues Maddy Thimont Jack, those tactics could simply store up problems.

16 May 2019

While the timetable for Theresa May's departure has been accelerated, that may not be enough to hasten the passing of her – or any – Brexit deal, writes Bronwen Maddox

16 May 2019

The campaign for the European Parliament elections is in full(ish) swing. David Klemperer has been reading the manifestos.

07 May 2019

It was the vote that wasn’t supposed to happen but, says Jill Rutter, it is still worth voting in the European Parliament elections.

02 May 2019

The Government’s attempt to play for parliamentary time has no guarantee of working, writes Dr Alice Lilly.

29 April 2019

After a year as Home Secretary, Sajid Javid is grappling with the same problems that led to his predecessor’s exit – and has made little progress so far in delivering on his promise of reform, argues Joe Owen.

17 April 2019

As talks continue between Labour and the Government, Jill Rutter argues the two sides are within touching distance – but that does not mean they will meet.