08 April 2015

Will the freedom to hire staff on salaries greater than the Prime Minster’s allow Whitehall to close skills gaps in certain areas? The UK’s defence procurement agency is banking on it, and the rest of government will be watching with interest.

25 March 2015

Over-promising on the campaign trail and under-delivering in office is a mistake that the next prime minister will want to avoid. Our new paper – All in it together – sets out how building on long term reform initiatives that are addressing weaknesses found across government departments can help.

20 March 2015

Earlier this week, Sir Michael Barber – former head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit – spoke at the Institute for Government about his new book, How to Run A Government: So that Citizens Benefit and Taxpayers Don't Go Crazy. The event, organised by the IfG and the new Centre for Public Impact (which Barber co-chairs), also featured Public Accounts Committee chair, Margaret Hodge, and IfG director Peter Riddell.

10 March 2015

Prime ministers should have to show that changes to the civil service’s departmental structures serve the public interest rather than narrow party-political or personnel management goals, argues Tom Gash of the Institute for Government.

09 March 2015

Ian Watmore set up the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills – and though he’s proud of what he achieved, he warns that such changes are much more expensive and complicated than people anticipate

25 February 2015

This year’s Civil Service Fast Stream conference was organised around the theme of ‘Doing more what matters with less’, challenging fast streamers to answer how the Civil Service ‘can better prioritise and deliver what the UK needs most’ against a background of further spending reductions. Gavin Freeguard was one of the ‘dragons’ grilling some of their ideas.

24 February 2015

The 2010 reforms creating the National Security Council and National Security Adviser improved co-ordination in national security decision making. But good decisions require high quality advice and analysis: government now needs to improve the national security expertise informing decision makers.

13 February 2015

The new think tank GovernUp has published six papers on reforming government. Julian McCrae reflects on some of the ideas.

10 February 2015

Emran Mian, Director of the Social Market Foundation, argues that declaring budget ring-fences one by one is no way to plan for cuts in the next parliament.

04 February 2015

"Everything I say tonight is through a lens of implementation,” said John Manzoni as he began his keynote address on civil service reform at the Institute for Government. It’s central to how he sees his role as chief executive and a perspective “that is the only value that someone like me can bring to a role like this".