06 July 2015

Yet another Budget is almost upon us. It will tell us a lot about how the Chancellor and his colleagues intend to tackle the challenge they set themselves in the Conservative manifesto.

30 June 2015

The new Minister for the Civil Service, Matt Hancock, has said that the civil service should become more “agile”. He’s right, says Daniel Thornton – but it’s not quite that easy.

11 June 2015

As part of its broader digital and national security strategies, the coalition government invested significantly in building capacity in cyber security and relationships with industry and academia. But with the evolving threat environment, much work is needed to ensure further progress, and guard against reversal.

05 June 2015

Yesterday the Institute for Government and the Institute for Fiscal Studies held a joint event to examine the coming Budget and Spending Review. Both Julian McCrae, IfG, and Carl Emmerson, IFS, were clear that the challenges faced in 2015 far outweighed those of 2010.

05 June 2015

Julian McCrae thinks the numbers in the announcement may not be that comforting for the fiscal hawks.

05 June 2015

Women are better represented in Whitehall than ever before, but the Civil Service still faces challenges, especially in improving the representation of women at the top of the Civil Service. Joe Devanny heard three distinguished former officials reflect on their career experiences and how Whitehall has changed.

04 June 2015

Today the Institute for Government and the Institute for Fiscal Studies will examine the challenges for the new Government as it embarks on the 2015 Spending Review. Ahead of the event, held at the Institute, Researcher Oliver Illot looks at how the 2015 Spending Review will differ from the process in 2010. He considers how Government should design plans that are politically sustainable, engage with the process of devolution and are deliverable by Whitehall departments that must retain the necessary skills and people.

22 May 2015

The new Cabinet Office minister set out his stall today. We’ve seen all these goods before, Matt Ross observes; but now civil servants, departments and unions can expect a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, rather than the force-feeding tube

07 May 2015

There is a lot of focus in the civil service reform plan on better training for policymakers. In this guest blog, Treasury Permanent Secretary, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, describes the new offer the Treasury is making to its big intake of graduate recruits.

08 April 2015

Will the freedom to hire staff on salaries greater than the Prime Minster’s allow Whitehall to close skills gaps in certain areas? The UK’s defence procurement agency is banking on it, and the rest of government will be watching with interest.