10 May 2019

Gavin Freeguard argues that the problems seen in the rolling out of Verify highlight issues for future technology projects. 

02 May 2019

The sacking of Gavin Williamson marks a rapid end to the Huawei leak inquiry but, writes Dr Catherine Haddon, its unprecedented conclusions may have unpredictable consequences.

29 April 2019

After a year as Home Secretary, Sajid Javid is grappling with the same problems that led to his predecessor’s exit – and has made little progress so far in delivering on his promise of reform, argues Joe Owen.

26 April 2019

The decision to allow Huawei to help build the UK’s 5G network has sparked an official leak inquiry which, Joe Devanny argues, is not likely to deliver a satisfactory conclusion.

25 April 2019

This year’s International Civil Service Effectiveness Index puts the UK at the top. Gavin Freeguard explains why it matters.

17 April 2019

Canada makes all its government financial and performance data available through one easy-to-use web portal. Martin Wheatley says the UK Government could do the same.

01 April 2019

To prepare for the possibility of government, it is vital that opposition parties meet with civil servants – but the process needs to be reformed, argues Dr Catherine Haddon.

27 March 2019

Marcus Shepheard argues that if the Ombudsman is to be truly effective it needs more power to investigate failings, not just adjudicate complaints.

21 March 2019

The Treasury’s new-found commitment to getting value for money from taxpayers’ money is welcome – but it needs to be permanent, writes Martin Wheatley.

18 March 2019

Another of the Government’s biggest contractors has gone into administration because it took on risky contracts it couldn’t deliver, writes Tom Sasse.