26 June 2017

Following Friday’s attack on Parliament, Daniel Thornton argues that MPs are particularly vulnerable and need to take responsibility for their cyber security. 

26 June 2017

Lucy Campbell argues good digital government is about standards, prioritisation and accountability, as much as technology.

06 June 2017

Following the election, the Prime Minister will put together a new Cabinet. The appointments of the Chancellor and other Treasury ministers are the most important decisions, given the complexity of the economic issues facing the UK (including Brexit) and the pressures on national finances. Julian McCrae and Bronwen Maddox look at the Government's options.

05 June 2017

Digital government has no visible political leadership. Daniel Thornton says the Prime Minister must appoint a minister to take charge of digital government.

01 June 2017

The manifestos show that political parties are starting to understand the value of better data and greater transparency in government – but how the next government uses these tools to deliver all their promises will be the biggest test, argues Gavin Freeguard.

15 May 2017

On 12 May one in five NHS trusts were impacted by a ransomware cyber-attack. Lucy Campbell argues that government needs to think about accountabilities and capabilities, not just technology, to reduce future risks.

12 May 2017

Gavin Freeguard argues that, while there are some great examples of openness making government better, there are still barriers to overcome.

10 May 2017

A new report says government needs to do more to make financial data usable by Parliament and the wider public. Gavin Freeguard says it’s on the money.

08 May 2017

Julian McCrae and Aron Cheung argue that parties’ elections manifestos should include commitments that will help them to be more honest with the public about their plans for tax and spend than they were in 2015.

28 April 2017

The Chancellor has decided that the Treasury, the UK’s finance ministry, will no longer be responsible for financial management across Whitehall. Julian McCrae assesses this surprise decision.