23 March 2017

There is clear and visible leadership for government’s drive to improve commercial capability. Tom Gash says there is now a chance to prove reforms are delivering tangible improvements.

07 March 2017

With the last Spring Budget taking place tomorrow, Julian McCrae suggests a few areas to watch if you want to make an informed judgement about what’s actually happening.

01 March 2017

The Government’s Efficiency Review was in the news yesterday. Julian McCrae argues that the review needs to reboot the Government’s approach to increasing efficiency, instead of just searching for £3.5 billion of extra savings.   

13 February 2017

The Government is continuing to bounce from crisis to crisis on health and social care. With the Budget less than a month away, the Chancellor must resist the temptation to simply dump more money into the NHS, argues Emily Andrews.

10 February 2017

The Government’s new transformation strategy provides a substantial description of how digital technology can improve services and save money, but lacks specific commitments. To succeed, Daniel Thornton says it needs momentum and support from Theresa May and Philip Hammond.

12 January 2017

Since Brexit, the question of whether the civil service has the right people, skills, and capabilities is the subject of heated debate. One man who must address these issues is Rupert McNeil, the head of Government HR, says Jen Gold.

06 January 2017

In among the pre-Christmas data-dump, the Government quietly changed the rules around ministers making direct appointments to their teams. Nicola Hughes argues that this is a mistake. 

15 December 2016

The Government promised a new digital strategy last year. Then we were told it would be out by this Christmas. But with only a couple of days before the recess, we’re still waiting for publication.

12 December 2016

Today’s social care headlines show that government is failing to take a long-term approach to the spending challenge, argues Emily Andrews.

07 December 2016

Today the Institute for Government and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) published a short report, looking at the Government’s progress in improving financial management. Overall, significant progress has been made, in stark contrast to many cross-departmental reforms which fail to make any tangible difference. But there is also still a long way to go. HM Treasury and the Chancellor need to build on what has been achieved to date. Here Julian McCrae...