19 March 2019

The Government should not have been caught off guard by the Speaker's meaningful vote ruling – but the convention can be worked around, writes Dr Catherine Haddon.

13 March 2019

Parliament has again rejected the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. Now MPs are the ones responsible for setting out an alternative to break the impasse, argues Maddy Thimont Jack.

11 March 2019

Labour’s attempts to replace two select committee members who have quit the party to sit as independent MPs would be a worrying reassertion of the power of the party whips over the select committee system, warns Dr Hannah White.

11 March 2019

Philip Hammond is poised to use his Spring Statement to once again dangle the prospect of a Brexit “deal dividend” in front of MPs. At best the Chancellor would be offering no more than a temporary fillip, argues Dr Gemma Tetlow.

07 March 2019

The continued survival of Chris Grayling in government sets a dangerous precendent for the principle of ministerial accountability, warns Tom Sasse

25 February 2019

The Prime Minister’s difficulties in replenishing the junior ranks of her government should be a cause for concern, writes Alasdair de Costa.

20 February 2019

How will current Commons rules allow the Independent Group of MPs to operate? Dr Alice Lilly argues that whether it remains an informal grouping or becomes a new party, it will still face big challenges in accessing political party privileges.

08 February 2019

As the Article 50 clock runs down, Maddy Thimont Jack argues that legislative deadlines are more elastic than they look.

28 January 2019

Parliament is trying to take greater control of the Brexit process. To do this MPs are searching for ways to have more say over the control of parliamentary business—something that largely rests with the Government. But, says Dr Alice Lilly, these proposals really reflect broader concern over who controls the Order Paper.

18 January 2019

While the ‘Nick Boles plan' to wrest control of the Brexit process from Government could work, Dr Hannah White argues that it will merely delay rather than solve the Brexit impasse.