16 May 2019

Bringing the management of probations services in-house is the right decision and the Government must learn from the mistakes which have made it necessary, writes Tom Sasse  

10 May 2019

Gavin Freeguard argues that the problems seen in the rolling out of Verify highlight issues for future technology projects. 

01 May 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has called for the Government to declare a climate emergency but, argues Jill Rutter, a willingness to take long-term tough decisions on carbon emissions is far more important than short-term gestures.

01 May 2019

Marcus Shepheard argues that the Infected Blood Inquiry shows that it is never too late for justice

30 April 2019

From bin collection and filling potholes to social care, local councils provide vital services. Graham Atkins explains what you need to know before local elections on 2 May.

01 April 2019

The fifth delay to the publication of the social care green paper is a cause for concern, writes Graham Atkins.

27 March 2019

Marcus Shepheard argues that if the Ombudsman is to be truly effective it needs more power to investigate failings, not just adjudicate complaints.

25 March 2019

Labour is right to identify outsourcing failures but its new policy risks creating more problems than it addresses, argues Tom Sasse

21 March 2019

The Treasury’s new-found commitment to getting value for money from taxpayers’ money is welcome – but it needs to be permanent, writes Martin Wheatley.

18 March 2019

Another of the Government’s biggest contractors has gone into administration because it took on risky contracts it couldn’t deliver, writes Tom Sasse.