18 March 2019

Another of the Government’s biggest contractors has gone into administration because it took on risky contracts it couldn’t deliver, writes Tom Sasse.

14 March 2019

Graham Atkins argues that the latest emergency funding for knife crime continues the Government’s crisis-cash-repeat approach to public services

13 March 2019

Marcus Shepheard argues that public inquiries are a vital public resource – providing accountability that protects the public from repeated harmful and costly failures

12 March 2019

The Government must take its lead from the NHS and make clear the trade-offs that it will have to make with public services, writes Chris McNulty.

07 March 2019

The continued survival of Chris Grayling in government sets a dangerous precendent for the principle of ministerial accountability, warns Tom Sasse

19 February 2019

The outsourcing of probation has failed. The Ministry of Justice must address fundamental problems or bring the services back in house, argues Tom Sasse.

14 February 2019

The Seaborne Freight cancellation has captured headlines, but the problems with government contracting go much wider, argues Benoit Guerin.

30 January 2019

Public services are now delivered by a wide range of companies, charities and public bodies, and the public must have access to the information they hold, writes Tom Sasse

25 January 2019

Graham Atkins argues that the Department for Education will not be able to help children in need if it fails to understand the reasons why demands for children’s social care is rising

21 January 2019

Brexit has gone from being a limiting factor on the Government’s domestic policy agenda, to the limiting factor. As civil servants start switching over to no deal preparations in increasing numbers, Emily Andrews lists some of the key policy areas which are at risk of being delayed, deprioritised, or simply ignored.