24 March 2017

In May, metro mayors will be elected in six of the city regions that have secured devolution deals. Lucy Campbell argues that mayors will be able to wield soft power to shape the futures for their local areas.

08 February 2017

A third of government money is spent on contracted goods and services, and Tom Gash argues that reforms to improve government contracting must get the support they deserve.

31 January 2017

Before the EU referendum the path for English devolution was relatively clear. Dr Jo Casebourne and Lucy Campbell ask whether the devolution agenda is now in peril.

11 January 2017

Today’s reports of a rift between No.10 and the head of NHS England show that the Prime Minister’s strategy on the NHS is to tough it out, pushing responsibility for dealing with mounting pressures onto the shoulders of the people delivering services, argues Nehal Davison.

24 November 2016

An NHS Trust has signed a ‘game-changing’ artificial intelligence deal with Google’s DeepMind. Robert Adam says that Britain needs more than localised innovation to meet the challenges facing the NHS.

02 September 2016

The Institute for Government’s recent report ‘Local Public Service Reform: supporting learning to integrate services and improvement outcomes’ lifts the lid on what has been learnt on the long road to more integrated service provision, and how we might improve our knowledge of what does and does not work. In this guest blog, Graeme McDonald, Director of Solace, explores some of the key issues raised in the report.

24 August 2016

The EU referendum result left some big unanswered questions for English devolution, and the arrival of the new Prime Minister has led to much debate about whether the Government will continue to focus on devolution deals and directly-elected Mayors. But, as Jo Casebourne explains, summer rumours reporting the death of English devolution may well have been exaggerated.

04 August 2016

Seismic shifts in the political landscape have led to uncertainty about the future direction of public service reform. Sophie Wilson explains why learning from the past instead of reinvention is the way to improve citizen outcomes.

07 June 2016

The Government has acted on contract transparency, placing a new transparency clause within the updated Model Services Contract – the blueprint used throughout government for major contracts with public sector buyers. This follows the Government’s commitment in March 2015 to trial and adopt the transparency provisions developed by the Institute. Jo Casebourne explains.

03 June 2016

When people visit their GP or hospital or when they use an old people’s home, they care about the quality of the service, rather than how they are organised. But organisation matters. It affects whether citizens get joined-up services – or whether people get passed from service to service, not getting what they need.