10 October 2017

Gavin Freeguard argues that the Prime Minister’s race disparity audit shows how data and transparency can help achieve political goals.

21 September 2017

A lack of transparency in the two departments at the heart of Brexit suggests the public cannot get hold of information about some of the most important activity in government at the moment, argues Aron Cheung.

05 July 2017

Gavin Freeguard argues departmental organograms are a great example of how transparency data can be used to assess Government effectiveness and invites you to help us unlock their potential.

23 June 2017

The most recent Freedom of Information (FoI) data shows that while government departments are withholding more information, they are receiving more requests and getting better at responding on time. Aron Cheung explores the numbers.

01 June 2017

The manifestos show that political parties are starting to understand the value of better data and greater transparency in government – but how the next government uses these tools to deliver all their promises will be the biggest test, argues Gavin Freeguard.

12 May 2017

Gavin Freeguard argues that, while there are some great examples of openness making government better, there are still barriers to overcome.

10 May 2017

A new report says government needs to do more to make financial data usable by Parliament and the wider public. Gavin Freeguard says it’s on the money.

25 April 2017

Despite all the general election excitement, departments still need to get on with business as usual – which includes responding to requests for information. Aron Cheung says the latest FoI data shows signs of improvement in departments' response times, but a worrying trend in the percentage of requests that are being withheld.

30 March 2017

The day, or days, at the start of recess have become good days for government to get out anything it wants to bury. Gavin Freeguard tell us what is in today’s data dump.

30 January 2017

The 2017 Whitehall Monitor report identifies a worrying backslide in government transparency. Adam Boon says this raises concerns about the Government’s commitment to open data and will make it harder to assess the performance of Whitehall unless this trend is reversed.