19 February 2019

The outsourcing of probation has failed. The Ministry of Justice must address fundamental problems or bring the services back in house, argues Tom Sasse.

01 June 2018

Brexit has prompted the first expansion of the civil service’s workforce for almost a decade, and billions of pounds of additional spending. But Lewis Lloyd says you would hardly know it, judging by the Government’s latest Single Departmental Plans.

01 June 2018

The latest Single Departmental Plans still don’t link the Government’s priorities and the resources needed to deliver them, writes Gavin Freeguard.

02 January 2018

The Government’s latest Single Departmental Plans are a huge improvement on their predecessors. But there is still some work to do to make them truly useful, argues Gavin Freeguard.

22 December 2017

Negotiating and implementing the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is the Government’s most important job over the coming years. But Brexit rarely features in its Single Departmental Plans, says Lewis Lloyd.

14 April 2016

Permanent Secretary objectives for 2015–16 – the measures against which the country’s most senior civil servants are supposedly judged – were quietly published in February. Ollie Hirst and Gavin Freeguard find the latest set lacking.

02 April 2015

What impact have government departments had in the real world under the Coalition? A new Whitehall Monitor report analyses government departments’ ‘impact indicators’, part of the Coalition’s cross-government system of performance measurement. Emily Andrews, Gavin Freeguard and Robyn Munro summarise their findings. Click on the images to enlarge.

22 July 2014

Last week, the Cabinet Office published performance objectives for 2014-15 for permanent secretaries, the Cabinet Secretary and the Head of the Civil Service in a new format. This is our latest Whitehall Monitor analysis.