10 October 2017

Gavin Freeguard argues that the Prime Minister’s race disparity audit shows how data and transparency can help achieve political goals.

14 September 2017

The civil service workforce has increased for a fourth consecutive quarter. Aron Cheung says the demands of Brexit and growing pressures on public services are driving departments to recruit additional staff.

19 July 2017

Gavin Freeguard and Aron Cheung argue that while civil service staff numbers are up, there’s still little progress on improving ethnic diversity at the top and getting women at the very top

05 July 2017

Gavin Freeguard argues departmental organograms are a great example of how transparency data can be used to assess Government effectiveness and invites you to help us unlock their potential.

16 June 2017

The latest civil service workforce numbers are slowly creeping back up, says Alice Lilly, despite a major fall at the Department of Health.

06 June 2017

A steady increase in the percentage of disabled staff in the civil service doesn’t take away from the discrimination they face, says Gemma Byrne.

01 June 2017

The Conservative manifesto stresses the importance of ethnically diverse recruitment to the civil service – but Gemma Byrne finds that ethnic minorities are still woefully underrepresented at the top and still experience discrimination.

25 May 2017

Across the whole civil service, average salaries are just below the UK average – and civil servants are generally dissatisfied with their pay, says Alice Lilly.

12 April 2017

The civil service is older than it used to be – and Gavin Freeguard says that while the big delivery departments face the problems of old age, others (notably the Treasury) face the perils of youth.

24 March 2017

The gender balance of the civil service has improved markedly in recent years – but even as Antonia Romeo takes over as DIT permanent secretary, Alice Lilly and Gavin Freeguard say women are still underrepresented in senior roles.