17 April 2019

Canada makes all its government financial and performance data available through one easy-to-use web portal. Martin Wheatley says the UK Government could do the same.

25 March 2019

Labour is right to identify outsourcing failures but its new policy risks creating more problems than it addresses, argues Tom Sasse

14 March 2019

Graham Atkins argues that the latest emergency funding for knife crime continues the Government’s crisis-cash-repeat approach to public services

12 March 2019

The Government must take its lead from the NHS and make clear the trade-offs that it will have to make with public services, writes Chris McNulty.

11 March 2019

Philip Hammond is poised to use his Spring Statement to once again dangle the prospect of a Brexit “deal dividend” in front of MPs. At best the Chancellor would be offering no more than a temporary fillip, argues Dr Gemma Tetlow.

19 February 2019

The outsourcing of probation has failed. The Ministry of Justice must address fundamental problems or bring the services back in house, argues Tom Sasse.

25 January 2019

Graham Atkins argues that the Department for Education will not be able to help children in need if it fails to understand the reasons why demands for children’s social care is rising

08 January 2019

The new NHS long-term plan sets a largely sensible direction of travel, argues Chris McNulty. But by itself it will not solve the NHS’ biggest issues.

19 December 2018

The Government’s operational and political energy has been swamped by Brexit. But ignoring public services will make post-Brexit politics even harder, argues Emily Andrews.

04 October 2018

The £240m to alleviate winter pressures announced by Matt Hancock won’t confront the real problems in social care, says Graham Atkins.