22 June 2017

The events of recent weeks have put discussions about police resources firmly back on the agenda. But debate needs to move beyond numbers and think about how to target resources most effectively, says Alice Lilly.

13 June 2017

The Conservatives' manifesto proposals for social care – labelled a “dementia tax” – was a turning point in the election campaign. Nicholas Timmins says the question now is whether all proposals for social care reform are a dead letter for this Parliament, given the Government’s lack of a majority.

12 June 2017

This election shows that the electorate are concerned about the pressures in public services. Dr Emily Andrews says a new spending review, driven by evidence of where the problems lie, will help address these long-standing issues.

19 May 2017

Dr Emily Andrews says that Labour’s manifesto promises big change with big spending increases, while the Conservatives are doubling-down on their current plans.

19 May 2017

Labour and the Conservatives have both launched their manifestos. Bronwen Maddox examines how the two parties' pledges measure up and what they might mean for running the UK.

10 May 2017

A new report says government needs to do more to make financial data usable by Parliament and the wider public. Gavin Freeguard says it’s on the money.

19 April 2017

Campaigning politicians must not duck the issue of serious pressures in the public sector, says Dr Emily Andrews.

08 March 2017

The Institute for Government has called for the Chancellor to live up to his ‘Spreadsheet Phil’ moniker by using data on government performance to drive decisions. Based on today’s Budget, Dr Emily Andrews says the signs are promising but it’s too early to tell if he really deserves his title.

02 March 2017

Our new Performance Tracker report gives our verdict on government’s performance over the last seven years. But, as we say in the report, this is only the starting point. Improving performance means using knowledge of the past and present to make better decisions. At our public launch event, panellists and the audience turned their thoughts to the future. Dr Emily Andrews highlights the key points.