16 January 2019

Having voted overwhelmingly to reject the Brexit deal, Parliament must now make sure that the Government is ready for no deal, says Tim Durrant.

16 January 2019

The scale of the Prime Minister’s defeat means she has been forced to look beyond tweaking the backstop to build support for a deal with the EU. But there is no easy consensus there for the taking, argues Jill Rutter.

09 January 2019

The Government has published proposals on how it will ensure Northern Ireland can influence decisions around the backstop during Brexit. But the new proposal doesn’t provide a way out of the backstop and won’t swing any votes, says Tim Durrant.

19 December 2018

When it comes to leaving the EU without a deal, Tim Durrant says the Government should stop pretending it is ready.

18 December 2018

The Prime Minister needs to recognise her weakness in Parliament, but also her strength in having the only Brexit deal on the table. Parliamentary agility might help her make progress, argues Jill Rutter.

12 December 2018

Bronwen Maddox says Conservative MPs will pick one of two roads through the Brexit forest – and one may lead to ‘no deal’. Tonight’s vote is a Sliding Doors moment in the Brexit drama.

11 December 2018

With just over 14 weeks to go until the UK leaves the EU, it will not be possible to ‘manage away' all the potential disruption of a no deal Brexit, says Tim Durrant.

04 December 2018

The Attorney General confirmed what was obvious from the Withdrawal Agreement: there is no unilateral exit from the Irish backstop. All the possible exit routes all have problems, says Jill Rutter.

30 November 2018

The Government’s economic assessment of Brexit paints a rosy picture of Theresa May’s proposed deal, says Alex Stojanovic.

30 November 2018

The UK Government hopes to agree a future security partnership with the EU before the end of the Brexit transition period. Lewis Lloyd says on policing and criminal justice this looks unlikely – and the UK has already accepted it will not get what it wants.