21 February 2017

The Government’s recent digital strategy says little about Brexit. Joe Owen says that technology should be front and centre of post-Brexit systems and services, but at the moment risks being seen as a distraction.

04 January 2017

The resignation letter of Sir Ivan Rogers was a clarion call to ‘speak truth to those in power’. Dr Catherine Haddon says that role will be just as crucial for his successor. 

03 January 2017

It is rare for the departure of a government official to be the subject of so much instant comment. But in a year which will be dominated by Brexit, the decision by the UK’s top representative in Brussels to leave a few months before schedule is big news, says Jill Rutter. 

15 December 2016

David Davis has given us some insight into how he sees the two years post Article 50 playing out. But Joe Owen says he needs to look beyond negotiations towards the practicalities of delivering Brexit.

24 November 2016

The Chancellor has announced additional funding to support Whitehall’s preparations for Brexit. Robyn Munro looks at what the numbers mean, and if they'll cover the cost of what needs to be done.

15 November 2016

A leaked memo has highlighted some fundamental issues about how Whitehall is working to deliver Brexit. Joe Owen says the real proof of the Government’s ability to manage Brexit will be in the Autumn Statement.

10 October 2016

For the last 20 years, commentators have agonised about how to curb an over-mighty Treasury. Jill Rutter warns it is now looking marginalised – just when we really need it.

31 August 2016

Theresa May is convening her first Cabinet meeting at Chequers today. Oliver Ilott takes a look at the agenda. The first item: Brexit.

06 July 2016

On Thursday 30 June, the Institute for Government held the first in a series of Brexit events. This one focused on the implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU for Whitehall. Oliver Ilott sets out four questions to which we now have at least partial answers.

01 July 2016

The EU referendum campaign distracted politicians from the business of government, and the result will have further impact on the Government’s existing plans. Daniel Thornton looks at the implications.