04 May 2017

The wash up of legislation at the end of Parliament has meant a worrying lack of scrutiny, says Gemma Byrne

04 May 2017

Now Parliament has dissolved ahead of the General Election, Emma Norris looks at what has happened to major bills and policies during wash-up.

04 May 2017

Commons select committees had more than 300 parliamentary inquiries into government policy and spending underway when the election was called. Dr Hannah White says the unexpected election will inevitably disrupt committee scrutiny of government.

04 May 2017

Graham Atkins argues that the next government must limit policy uncertainty if it wants to secure best value for consumers.

03 May 2017

Parts of England will go to the polls today to elect a metro mayor. Dr Jo Casebourne sets out five key reasons why these new political figures matter.

02 May 2017

On the 4 May six city regions will elect metro mayors. Lucy Campbell says they will need to focus on building effective relationships with ministers and MPs rather than rely on big personalities and local authorities to fulfil their ambitions.

28 April 2017

The Chancellor has decided that the Treasury, the UK’s finance ministry, will no longer be responsible for financial management across Whitehall. Julian McCrae assesses this surprise decision.

25 April 2017

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi is calling for change in the way policy is made: it should be more transparent, consistent and evidence-based. Sophie Wilson hopes government pays attention.  

25 April 2017

Despite all the general election excitement, departments still need to get on with business as usual – which includes responding to requests for information. Aron Cheung says the latest FoI data shows signs of improvement in departments' response times, but a worrying trend in the percentage of requests that are being withheld.

21 April 2017

Since this week’s General Election vote, many have argued that the Fixed-term Parliaments Act is pointless. Dr Catherine Haddon says that it shows the Act is working as intended.