04 January 2017

The resignation letter of Sir Ivan Rogers was a clarion call to ‘speak truth to those in power’. Dr Catherine Haddon says that role will be just as crucial for his successor. 

03 January 2017

It is rare for the departure of a government official to be the subject of so much instant comment. But in a year which will be dominated by Brexit, the decision by the UK’s top representative in Brussels to leave a few months before schedule is big news, says Jill Rutter. 

22 December 2016

A new fiscal framework for Wales was published this week, after agreement was reached between the UK and the Welsh Governments on how Welsh public services will be funded in future. Aron Cheung considers the implications.

21 December 2016

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) is currently hearing a case about the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, which Oliver Ilott argues could have an effect on the UK’s free trade with the EU after Brexit.  

20 December 2016

Today the Scottish Government publishes its proposals for how Scotland can remain in the EU Single Market despite Brexit. In a few weeks, the Supreme Court will deliver a potentially explosive judgment on how the UK Government must legally trigger Article 50. 2016 was a year of constitutional turmoil, but Akash Paun says the drama is far from over. 

19 December 2016

For the first time, we know how the new departments of DExEU, DIT and BEIS are responding to Freedom of Information (FoI) requests. Gavin Freeguard and Rob Adam say they are falling below the mark already. 

19 December 2016

Theresa May is not the first Prime Minister to find Whitehall tough to deal with – but, Jill Rutter argues, her complaints expose the gap that needs to be bridged between rhetoric and policy. 

15 December 2016

David Davis has given us some insight into how he sees the two years post Article 50 playing out. But Joe Owen says he needs to look beyond negotiations towards the practicalities of delivering Brexit.

15 December 2016

The latest civil service staff numbers show that Whitehall has started to prepare for Brexit, but the figures for new departments have not yet been published. Adam Boon looks at the latest data.

15 December 2016

The Government promised a new digital strategy last year. Then we were told it would be out by this Christmas. But with only a couple of days before the recess, we’re still waiting for publication.