05 June 2017

Digital government has no visible political leadership. Daniel Thornton says the Prime Minister must appoint a minister to take charge of digital government.

02 June 2017

Devolution is not a major theme of the election campaign. But with significant uncertainty hanging over the constitution, there are four big questions a new government will have to address. Akash Paun discusses what the manifestos say.

01 June 2017

The Conservative manifesto stresses the importance of ethnically diverse recruitment to the civil service – but Gemma Byrne finds that ethnic minorities are still woefully underrepresented at the top and still experience discrimination.

01 June 2017

The manifestos show that political parties are starting to understand the value of better data and greater transparency in government – but how the next government uses these tools to deliver all their promises will be the biggest test, argues Gavin Freeguard.

25 May 2017

As the general election campaign restarts, the debate may return to the U-turn executed on social care on Monday. Jill Rutter argues Theresa May’s attempt to make progress on social care was brave, but underlines the problem with making policy behind closed doors.

25 May 2017

Across the whole civil service, average salaries are just below the UK average – and civil servants are generally dissatisfied with their pay, says Alice Lilly.

23 May 2017

Dr Catherine Haddon says that recent controversies around the use of purdah show that the current guidance is either not clear or not being applied in the right way – we need a review.

22 May 2017

The UK’s current approach to secrecy in the Brexit negotiations is especially counterproductive in the face of increasing EU transparency, says Oliver Ilott.

22 May 2017

The Conservatives and Labour both promise to overhaul the immigration system. But Joe Owen says that neither offer a credible plan for when or how they will do it. Their visions may be very different but both are still a long way off.

19 May 2017

The Institute for Government’s manifesto asks called on the parties to put an end to uncertainty on proposed major infrastructure projects. Nick Davies says they mostly have.