02 December 2011

At our event on great resignations Andrew Adonis said civil servants never resign because they don't believe in anything.  Should they?

29 November 2011

Conservative MP Nick Boles told an Institute for Government audience on Monday about travelling to the US in 2008 during the early stages of the preparations for the 2010 General Election. Meeting with senior Democrats overseeing the transition, he found that they had around 500 people working on various aspects of Obama's preparation for government. At around the same time, the Conservatives had seven.

25 November 2011

Back in May we suggested that the rejection of AV made elected city mayors the most important constitutional debate of this parliament. That debate is now beginning to hot up around the country.

25 November 2011

The social investment industry is in the middle of a fascinating debate about the implications of social finance for the sector. Adrian Brown argues that there are important lessons for everyone involved.

18 November 2011

It's worth spending at least part of the energy that will now be focused on UKBA and the Home Office thinking about the dull bits of accountability and how they could be improved.

18 November 2011

I am delighted to be succeeding Andrew Adonis who has done so much to strengthen the Institute and to broaden its range of activities. He will continue to be involved with a number of projects, notably the work on elected mayors where he has played such a leading role.  Thanks to him, I will be taking over a healthy and vibrant organisation with increasing influence on government.

16 November 2011

The Public Accounts Committee hearing on the continuing problems in the Rural Payments Agency, the body charged with making CAP payments to farmers, marked a significant step forward on holding the civil service to account for their actions.

10 November 2011

The political parties and the Civil Service are going to have to alter the way they prepare for a possible change of government, and the existing conventions on transitions will have to be revised.

04 November 2011
On Monday junior climate change Minister Greg Barker was summoned to the House to answer a topical question on the government's proposed changes to "feed-in tariffs" for solar PV. This episode tells us a lot on how we approach policy making.
03 November 2011

The Children in Care and Adoption league tables serve as a reminder of how hard it is for departments to relinquish their line of oversight over local services.