20 June 2017

In advance of the Queen's Speech, Julian McCrae looks at major government legislation and policy commitments.

Before the election, we looked at the progress of the Government's major bills and policy priorities. We've updated our policy and legislation tracker to bring us up to speed ahead of the Queen's Speech.

Major bills

On legislation, we will inevitably see a host of Brexit-related bills, and potentially the reintroduction of bills that did not make it through Parliament before the election.

Major policies

The Government also has a host of other, largely uncertain, commitments. We may get an update on some of them – for example, will there be a bill on expanding grammar schools? The Government may not have time, or the political capital, to introduce bills on the Prime Minister's pre-election priorities of social mobility and the industrial strategy.

Government's commitments ahead of the Queen's Speech

We will update both these tables following the Queen’s Speech.


Further information

This is an update to our previous policy and legislation tracker post.