Comments from past interns

Comments from past interns

Oliver Hirst (now working at HM Treasury)

'The Institute for Government has been the ideal place to develop my research skills and gain experience of Westminster and Whitehall in a think tank distinguished by its commitment to providing high-quality, impartial and innovative work on UK government. Working primarily on Whitehall Monitor – the Institute’s data-driven analysis of the size, shape and performance of government – I have acquired valuable quantitative expertise while familiarising myself with the machinery of parliament and the civil service. However, the IfG is not only unique in its scope and mission, but also as a working environment. It is an incredibly collegial organisation, in which interns are regarded as core members of research teams and are given the responsibility to contribute to a wide range of outputs. I would not hesitate in recommending an internship here to anyone interested in government.'

William Lord (now working at Sense about Science)

'Interning at the IfG has been a fantastic introduction to the think tank sector. During my time as an intern I have mostly worked on a project on failure in public services, whilst supporting the ‘Ministers Reflect’ oral history project. Interns are given real responsibility from the start and treated as valued members of the team. In the last six months I have conducted interviews with public sector leaders, written chapters of a research report, and undertaken detailed analysis of failure regimes. The Institute is an incredibly welcoming place, with connections across Whitehall and beyond. I would definitely recommend the internship to anyone thinking of a career in policy and government.'

Alice Lilly (now working with us as a Senior Researcher)

'Interning at the IfG was a great experience, and one which I’d highly recommend! With its unique focus on the processes and structures of government, IfG is an ideal place for anybody interested in the workings of Whitehall. During my internship, I worked on projects examining a number of issues: from the local delivery of public services, to the devolution of skills policy within England. As an intern, you’re treated as part of the team, and are given real opportunities to develop your research skills—something enhanced by the variety of events and training sessions on offer. The IfG is also an incredibly friendly place to work, with encouraging and supportive staff who help you to get the most out of your internship. 

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