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Keynote address by EFTA Court President Carl Baudenbacher

Tuesday 5 December 2017 - 18:00
Tuesday 5 December 2017, 18:00

The Institute for Government hosted a keynote address by Professor Carl Baudenbacher, President of the EFTA Court.

The UK Government says it wants to “take back control of our laws” after Brexit, ending the supremacy of EU law as well as any jurisdictional role for the European Court of Justice (ECJ). But the European Commission argues that the ECJ should retain a role in the UK post-Brexit, particularly when it comes to the rights of EU citizens residing in the UK.

President Baudenbacher offered his view of dispute settlement after Brexit. He addressed the elements at play, focusing on how the EFTA Court works in practice, its enduring dialogue with the ECJ and its Advocates General, and how the EFTA Court may provide a quick and effective solution to Brexit’s legal conundrum.

The event was chaired by Institute for Government Director Bronwen Maddox and this was followed by audience questions.


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