Recommendations for a new contract default
Published: 24th March 2015
In August 2014, the Institute for Government convened a taskforce to looks at ways to increase the transparency of outsourced service provision. This publication presents the work of the taskforce and recommends a set of standardised provisions to enhance transparency in...
Authors: Institute for Government
Strengthening Whitehall’s top-level structures and processes
Published: 9th March 2015
This report examines the impact of structural reforms on government effectiveness.
Authors: Tom Gash
Priorities for reforming arm’s-length government in the UK
Published: 4th March 2015
When the Coalition came to power in 2010, it outlined a series of measures to reform arm’s-length government in the UK, popularly characterised as another “bonfire of the quangos”.
The creation of a delivery unit by Haringey Council, London: a case study
Published: 26th February 2015
This InsideOUT report examines how a delivery unit modelled on the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit (PMDU) was set up by Haringey Council in north London.
Authors: Peter Thomas
How the four governments of the UK co-operate, negotiate and compete
Published: 19th February 2015
Our major study of devolution in the UK has focused on how to provide effective government in the context of an increasingly complex and fluid constitutional settlement.
Published: 11th February 2015
This short paper sets out the general guidance on government and civil service activity in the 2015 election period, highlighting some little-known aspects of the conventions, and outlines the process of establishing a government in the event of a hung parliament.
A review of the academic literature
Published: 10th February 2015
This paper presents a review of political economy studies focused on the quality of governance and, in particular, on the institutions that mould the policymaking process, influencing the risk of sub-optimal policy outcomes.
Authors: Miguel Coelho, Vigyan Ratnoo, Sebastian Dellepiane
Harsh lessons for the smaller coalition party about how to be seen and heard in government
Published: 2nd February 2015
This InsideOut paper from Nick Harvey, who served as a defence minister for most of the first half of the parliament, provides valuable analysis of the working of the coalition since its formation in May 2010 as well as thoughts on how his party should approach any future...
Authors: Nick Harvey
Published: 23rd January 2015
Ministers and officials regularly invoke the phrase ‘learning the lessons from history’ without appreciating what it actually means. Understanding what history is, how it can help, is an important part of making good policy decisions.
Authors: Dr Catherine Haddon, Dr Joe Devanny, Professor Charles Forsdick, Professor Andrew Thompson
Published: 22nd January 2015
This briefing note looks at what we mean by scrutiny of government and where parliamentary scrutiny fits within the wider landscape.


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