5th November 2013
Stronger leadership of functions could play a part in making Whitehall more effective in a number of ways. However the problems that stronger functional leadership could help to address vary greatly. Any new leadership model has to be based on a clear account of the weaknesses that the changes are designed to tackle. Looking at the Institute’s recent work, this note highlights four recurring rationales that could provide the basis for change. The analysis in this paper shows that each of these rationales point to different models for central leadership.
15th October 2013
In our new discussion paper, The Strange Case of Non-Ministerial Departments, we take a deeper look at this obscure category of government bodies, which cover organisations as steeped as history as
A discussion paper on emerging trends
2nd October 2013
In 2011, our report 'Policy Making in the Real World' examined previous efforts to improve policy making across four areas: processes, qualities, structures, and politics.
Briefing note for the Conservative Party Conference
Peter Riddell
30th September 2013
Preparing to Govern for Lasting Change
23rd September 2013
19th September 2013
This paper describes the development of legislation for the Civil Service in the UK.
A 2012 Global Ranking of Soft Power
6th September 2013
This paper reports the results of the third IfG-Monocle Soft Power Index, the data for which was collected at the end of 2012. The resulting rankings of the third index were published in December 2012 in Monocle Magazine, but this paper represents the corresponding Institute publication, which discusses the methodological issues of the index in greater depth.
Akash Paun, Pepita Barlow
4th September 2013
As part of its civil service reform agenda, the government has outlined measures to strengthen civil service accountability to Parliament.
Accounting Officers in Central Government
3rd September 2013
This paper discusses the evolution of the accounting officer role and its modern function in government.


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