Archive of interviews with former government ministers
Published: 23rd March 2016
Ministers Reflect is a unique archive of interviews with former government ministers.
Lessons from other European countries
Published: 10th March 2016
In this report, we look at how seven national parliaments across Europe – from countries inside and outside the EU – scrutinise EU legislation.
Authors: Robyn Munro, Dr Hannah White , Louise Borjes
Published: 1st March 2016
This slideshow presents the results of recent Institute research on government engagement with business.
Authors: Chris Wajzer , Robyn Munro, Alice John
Published: 22nd February 2016
Being an effective minister means balancing multiple roles and relationships. This briefing paper has been produced as part of the Ministers Reflect project. 
Evidence sharing and learning between the UK’s four governments
Published: 3rd February 2016
In October 2015, the Alliance for Useful Evidence and Institute for Government held a joint roundtable event in Cardiff, exploring opportunities for evidence exchange and policy learning between the UK and devolved governments.
Authors: Akash Paun, Jill Rutter, Anna Nicholl
Published: 28th January 2016
UK governments of different types have attempted to create new forms of subnational democracy and to decentralise power for the past two decades. However, by international standards, political control – within England at least – remains highly centralised.
Authors: Joe Randall, Jo Casebourne
Published: 17th December 2015
This interactive timeline shows the key national attempts to join up public services at a local level from 1997 to 2015.
Authors: Sophie Wilson, Nehal Davison, Molly Clarke, Jo Casebourne
Harnessing public voice in policy challenges
Published: 16th December 2015
If government can engage citizens more effectively, it can secure more effective and less divisive outcomes. Four drivers for change make it vital to involve citizens in decisions:
The Coalition in 163 charts
Published: 19th November 2015
Whitehall Monitor aims to chart government – literally. We analyse and visualise numbers from and about government – on everything from staff numbers to public perceptions.
Authors: Gavin Freeguard, Emily Andrews, Dan Devine, Robyn Munro, Joe Randall
The 2015 Spending Review
Published: 13th November 2015
It is not obvious that the 2015 Spending Review will allow the Government to, in the Chancellor’s words, ‘deliver more with less’, but it is certainly clear that it intends to manage with less. This report considers the changes that the Government must make if it is to keep its...
Authors: Daniel Thornton, Jonathan Pearson, Emily Andrews


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