Peter Thomas, Marc Kidson, Will Wright
10th July 2013
When the Civil Service Reform Plan was published in June 2012, the Institute for Government welcomed it as a promising plan with some bold ideas and the potential to achieve improvements.
A discussion paper
24th June 2013
Improving the capability of the Civil Service is a huge challenge. This discussion paper examines some of the issues and challenges around making the Civil Service more capable as a whole. The result is a tour of the landscape that offers tentative suggestions for how to approach this enduring set of issues.
A response to the civil service capabilites plan
24th June 2013
Following our discussion paper on Civil Service capabilities, this report compares previous reforms to the proposals in the new Capabilities Plan published by the Civil Service in April 2013.
19th June 2013
This discussion paper marks the launch of the Connecting Policy with Practice programme.
A briefing note to accompany the IfG/IFS press briefing on 7 June 2013
5th June 2013
Fiscal consolidation is taking longer than planned. The Chancellor announced in the 2010 Emergency Budget that the budget deficit would be balanced within four years, but this is now forecast to happen in 2017-18. When the Chancellor announces the Spending Review on 26 June 2013 will he be frank about long-term reality of austerity?
24th April 2013
This paper analyses the evolving functions of finance. While control of money and budgets remains a core role, finance teams are increasingly taking on more strategic functions to support decision making and performance management. The Institute for Government is particularly interested in these strategic functions as they relate to the concerns we raised about the supply and demand for management information in Improving Decision Making in Whitehall.
9th April 2013
For over two centuries the British Prime Minister has governed the country from 10 Downing Street.
Rethinking the ministerial private office
26th March 2013
This paper addresses the question of whether ministerial private offices provide the right kind of support to enable departmental secretaries of state to carry out their roles effectively.
Which service features affect the ease of government contracting?
24th January 2013
This working paper identifies six questions that those introducing, adapting or overseeing contractual mechanisms in public services should ask to gain a better understanding of their costs and benefits.  


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