A 2012 Global Ranking of Soft Power
6th September 2013
This paper reports the results of the third IfG-Monocle Soft Power Index, the data for which was collected at the end of 2012. The resulting rankings of the third index were published in December 2012 in Monocle Magazine, but this paper represents the corresponding Institute publication, which discusses the methodological issues of the index in greater depth.
Akash Paun, Pepita Barlow
4th September 2013
As part of its civil service reform agenda, the government has outlined measures to strengthen civil service accountability to Parliament.
Accounting Officers in Central Government
3rd September 2013
This paper discusses the evolution of the accounting officer role and its modern function in government.
Annual commentary and analysis on the size, shape and performance of Whitehall
Justine Stephen, Petr Bouchal, David Bull
29th August 2013
This report aims to build a systematic framework for thinking about the effectiveness of Whitehall. It focuses on the three elements needed to judge effectiveness: the resources Whitehall has available to it (inputs), what it does with them (outputs) and whether it achieves its goals (outcomes).
Professionalising government’s approach to commissioning and market stewardship
Tom Gash, Nehal Panchamia, Sam Sims, Louisa Hotson
18th July 2013
This report explores government’s design and oversight of public service markets in employment services (the Work Programme), secondary education, care for older people and probation services. It examines why levels of effectiveness vary and identifies opportunities for improvement. It provides recommendations for how the government can professionalise its approach to commissioning and overseeing public service markets and identifies specific priorities for reform in each sector.
Peter Thomas, Marc Kidson, Will Wright
10th July 2013
When the Civil Service Reform Plan was published in June 2012, the Institute for Government welcomed it as a promising plan with some bold ideas and the potential to achieve improvements.
A discussion paper
24th June 2013
Improving the capability of the Civil Service is a huge challenge. This discussion paper examines some of the issues and challenges around making the Civil Service more capable as a whole. The result is a tour of the landscape that offers tentative suggestions for how to approach this enduring set of issues.
A response to the civil service capabilites plan
24th June 2013
Following our discussion paper on Civil Service capabilities, this report compares previous reforms to the proposals in the new Capabilities Plan published by the Civil Service in April 2013.
19th June 2013
This discussion paper marks the launch of the Connecting Policy with Practice programme.
A briefing note to accompany the IfG/IFS press briefing on 7 June 2013
5th June 2013
Fiscal consolidation is taking longer than planned. The Chancellor announced in the 2010 Emergency Budget that the budget deficit would be balanced within four years, but this is now forecast to happen in 2017-18. When the Chancellor announces the Spending Review on 26 June 2013 will he be frank about long-term reality of austerity?


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