Lessons from Personal Experience
Nick Hillman
28th March 2014
This report by Nick Hillman, former special adviser to David Willetts, attempts to explain the job of a departmental special adviser.
Patterns of success in UK civil service reform
26th March 2014
Why do some civil service reforms take off, while others limp on or tail off? What factors contribute to success – leadership, governance or collaboration? In this report, we aim to expose the alchemy of successful civil service reform. We analyse four past reforms considered as successful in the last 25 years to understand their success.
26th March 2014
The Civil Service has a crucial role in determining whether or not the next government will be set on the path to success or failure.
The challenges of departmental reform in Whitehall
26th March 2014
This report considers the challenges leaders have faced while implementing change in Whitehall and outlines the approaches to overcoming them. It is based on in-depth evaluations of a core group of departments and a series of interviews across Whitehall.
Whitehall in Year Five of the UK Coalition: Lessons from Elsewhere
19th March 2014
This report examines two systems that enable political parties in Australia to have policy plans independently assessed and costed.
Whitehall in Year Five of the UK Coalition: Lessons from Elsewhere
19th March 2014
Coalition government has become the norm in Ireland.
The Demise of the Audit Commission and Other Improvement Agencies
11th March 2014
This report provides three short studies of the fate of three very different improvement agencies – the Audit Commission, the National Policing Improvement Agency and the NHS Modernisation Agency.
InsideOut: A series of personal perspectives on government
13th February 2014
As the British state is reshaped in an era of public austerity this paper offers a basis for securing the public’s trust in the competence of public institutions and their confidence in the legitimacy of those who lead them.
Lessons from 30 years of attempting to devolve political power in the UK
Tom Gash, Joe Randall, Sam Sims
30th January 2014
Drawing on a detailed analysis of seven past reforms, this report identifies 10 obstacles to decentralisation.
Commissioning public services for better outcomes
Dan Crowe, Tom Gash, Henry Kippin
23rd January 2014
This report is the output of a joint project between Collaborate and the Institute for Government, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.


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