The Political Economy of Housing in England
24th October 2014
Problems of housing affordability and ever smaller houses are afflicting an increasing part of the population (mostly young people and people on modest incomes), especially in London and the South
How to make central government units work
14th October 2014
In our report Centre Forward; Effective Support for the Prime Minister at the Centre of Government,  we n
Jennifer Gold
22nd September 2014
Policy implementation failures attract international headlines and undermine the credibility of political administrations.
Institute for Government
19th September 2014
In the end Scotland voted as it had always been expected to.
Future constitutional scenarios for the UK
11th September 2014
This new paper analyses 16 future constitutional scenarios for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, ranging from Scottish independence to various models for further devolution.
What the party manifestos must address in 2015
Institute for Government
10th September 2014
At the Institute for Government we have identified a series of common problems and dilemmas that face, and will face, governments of all parties if they are to achieve their goals. In this paper, we look at the priorities of the main parties for 2015 and beyond. We outline the practical steps they must take to make progress on these priorities, run a more effective government and honour their manifesto commitments.
A briefing note
9th September 2014
This briefing note explains the pressures facing public services, and the process by which public spending decisions are taken – and explains five changes needed for the next spending review to be
A data-driven analysis of Whitehall and the devolved administrations
29th August 2014
This report is the first publication in our Governing After the Referendum programme of work, and is a collaboration with the Institute’s Whitehall Monitor.
Lessons from four case studies of policy implementation
17th July 2014
This report focuses on how to improve policy implementation, drawing upon four case studies of social justice policy. It considers the particular challenges and issues of implementing social justice policy and identifies eleven lessons for how ministers and officials can give their policies the best chance of getting delivered.  
Effective Support for the Prime Minister at the Centre of Government
9th July 2014
This report looks at how successive prime ministers have all had to grapple with the central machine to get a system that works best for them. It draws on insights from those who have worked inside the centre of government and makes recommendations that will help prime ministers and the Civil Service function more effectively at the centre.


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