Perennial challenges and insights on how to tackle them
Published: 4th November 2015
This early discussion paper synthesises the existing literature on the barriers to joining up public services around local, citizen needs and insights on how to tackle them.
Authors: Sophie Wilson, Nehal Davison, Molly Clarke, Jo Casebourne
Published: 26th October 2015
Our research has highlighted a lack of practical information and support for those designing, managing and stewarding public service markets across central and local government. Our interactive diagnostic tool allow you to analyse a particular public service market in depth
Authors: Katie Thorpe
Assessing how government uses evidence to make policy
Published: 21st October 2015
This report explores the possibility of developing a rapid assessment tool to rate government departments on their use of evidence in policy decisions, to show which ones use evidence well and which less well, and in doing so highlight and celebrate good practice while...
Published: 21st October 2015
In partnership with practitioners from a number of research organisations and Parliament, we have produced a framework that offers a rapid assessment tool to rate government departments on how transparent they are in the use of evidence in policy decisions.
Gender and the Civil Service since 1979
Published: 24th September 2015
This report looks at the experience of women officials in Whitehall since 1979.
Published: 14th September 2015
This paper provides an analytical framework to shed light on the institutional roots of persistent policy problems. Drawing on insights from political economy and political science we consider options for reform and how they might come about. And we apply our framework to two...
Authors: Miguel Coelho
Published: 8th July 2015
Who can tell you what makes the difference between being a really effective member of a select committee and simply making up the numbers?
Insights from the Institute for Government 2008-15
Published: 2nd July 2015
Winning an election is hard enough, but leading effectively and getting to grips with governing is a whole other challenge – one that can require a completely different set of skills to those used on the campaign trail.
Authors: Nehal Davison
The impact of parliamentary committee inquiries on government
Published: 9th June 2015
The research in this report examines the relationship between select committee inquiries and their impact on government during the last parliament.
Case studies from the 2010-15 parliament
Published: 9th June 2015
This paper is published to accompany our report, Select Committees Under Scrutiny: The impact of parliamentary committee inquiries on government. 


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