Over the last two decades, there have been repeated attempts to join up services and achieve local outcomes that are responsive to citizen needs (see our timeline of key initiatives). However, the public service landscape remains wide, varied and complex, with a mix of organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors delivering a huge range of services which are rarely co-ordinated with one another. Our map of public service delivery follows the journeys of three people, highlighting how difficult it can be to find the support they need. An accompanying discussion paper synthesises the existing literature on the barriers to joining up public services around local, citizen needs and provides insights on how to tackle them.

This project brings together the skills, experience and insights of service users, front-line professionals, delivery organisations, local authorities, local representative bodies and civil servants, to explore how public services can be reformed to better meet the needs of citizens. The work will include:

  • providing practical support and challenge to local partners aiming to deliver more joined up outcomes for citizens on the ground
  • finding effective ways to share ideas and practices within and between those trying to join up local public services.

This programme of work builds on previous research on choice, competition and public service markets; decentralisation in England; connecting policy with practice; and improving policy implementation. We will seek to work in partnership with local government officials, local government intermediaries and civil servants, with the aim of encouraging sharing and adaptation of effective models and practices.

The presentation below details how local public services can feel from a citizen’s perspective, following the journeys of three people navigating their way through the public service landscape.


Dr Jo Casebourne (Programme Director): jo.casebourne@instituteforgovernment.org.uk

Nehal Davison (Project Manager): nehal.davison@instituteforgovernment.org.uk