Press releases

2nd February 2016
Further devolution of powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will not only radically reshape the British state, but will offer all four governments a unique chance to work together for mean
27th January 2016
Up and down the country, cities and counties are pitching, negotiating and agreeing their ‘devolution deals’. A new guide aims to help turn the Chancellor’s devolution promises into reality.
17th December 2015
We welcome the fact that the Strathclyde review has not proposed radical constitutional change
7th December 2015
Interviews with over 30 former government ministers, including Vince Cable, Liam Fox, Caroline Spelman and Andrew Mitchell, have been published today by the Institute for Government.
18th November 2015
The shape, size and activities of Whitehall changed profoundly in the last five years.
12th November 2015
The UK faces an unprecedented decade of spending cuts as the Government tries to achieve a budget surplus by 2020. A new paper tells Whitehall how to manage further cuts.
4th November 2015
Despite the PM’s recent pledge to prioritise public service reform, and give local areas more power, a new report argues that public services are still not meeting the needs of citizens.
23rd October 2015
The Spending Review will commit to outsourcing more public services to save Government money and reduce the deficit, but recent scandals throw into question its ability to manage those contract
5th October 2015
The Institute for Government welcomes the creation of a National Infrastructure Commission, announced by the Chancellor.
24th September 2015
As the Cabinet Secretary announces the appointment of ‘diversity advis