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27th November 2014
Speech to the Institute for Government Thank you Peter for inviting me to take part in your debate about effective government.
27th November 2014
The Institute for Government welcomes today’s announcement on the next phase of devolution to Scotland, reached by cross-party agreement.
17th November 2014
Whitehall must up its game to cope with continued austerity post-2015, says new Institute for Government data report
10th November 2014
Today’s PASC report on the accountability of arm’s-length government rightly highlights the “confused” and “opaque” system of arm’s-length government in the UK which results in inefficiency and und
24th October 2014
New study tests the theory that levels of home ownership have a negative effect on housing planning decisions in England
22nd October 2014
The PAC’s new report rightly draws attention to the need for a strong, effective and coherent centre in which the constituent parts work well together.
15th October 2014
The Civil Service Commission has announced that, for Head of Department appointments, the Prime Minister will be given a choice of candidates assessed as appointable by an independent panel chaired by the First Civil Service Commissioner.
13th October 2014
Peter Riddell, Director of Institute of the Government, gave a speech at the David Hume Institute in Scotland on 8 October 2014.
2nd October 2014
Responding to the appointment of John Manzoni as Chief Executive of the Civil Service, Peter Riddell, Director at the Institute for Government, said:
25th September 2014
Good evening and thank you all for coming. It is very gratifying that there is so much interest. The IfG have told me that we could have filled the space twice over.