Press releases

22nd July 2015
The Institute for Government submitted evidence, both written and
27th May 2015
Peter Riddell, Director of the Institute for Government, said:
11th May 2015
Peter Riddell, Director of the Institute for Government said:
8th June 2015
The Institute for Government is today calling for reforms to the ways that select committees operate.
31st March 2015
Every government department agreed a set of ‘impact indicators’ in 2010, designed to ‘help the public to judge whether policies and reforms are having the effect they want’.
30th March 2015
As Parliament is dissolved and we face the prospect of another hung parliament, the Institute for Government learns the lessons of coalition, calls on overseas experience – and advocates reform
26th March 2015
A set of decisions made soon after our next government is formed will help decide whether it can deliver on its policy ambitions, says the Institute for Government: here’s our recipe for su
25th March 2015
The next government faces repeating a common mistake of over-promising on the campaign trail and under-delivering in office, the Institute for Government cautions in a new paper. In All in it Together, the independent think tank says that a new administration can hope to break this cycle by building on the existing long-term reform initiatives – which are only now starting to address the entrenched weaknesses found across government departments.
25th March 2015
Government policy is often criticised for being formed in the ‘Westminster bubble’, far removed from the realities on the ground.
24th March 2015
Francis Maude today announced that the government will trial a new transparency clause in public sector contracts, drawing on the recommendations of the Institute for Government.