Press releases

26th February 2015
Since 2001, the centre of government has hosted a ‘delivery unit’: a team which, working for the prime minister, keeps up the pressure on government departments to deliver policies and coordinate t
3rd February 2015
Liberal Democrat MP Nick Harvey believes there are tough lessons the party must learn before entering into a coalition government again.
2nd February 2015
Peter Riddell, Director of the Institute for Government, said:
15th January 2015
As Mayor of Baltimore, Martin O’Malley oversaw a big fall in the city’s notorious murder rate.
15th December 2014
The UK needs to make major infrastructure investments over the next few years, but government needs to change how it makes decisions about infrastructure policy if these are to be done efficiently.
10th December 2014
"Both contractors and government departments must take responsibility when contracts between the private and public sector go wrong. While the government is trying to improve its management of private and voluntary sector suppliers, the PAC report shows there is still far to go."
3rd December 2014
"Savings like this can only be achieved if there is real and fundamental change in the way the government operates..."
2nd December 2014
The role of the special adviser (spad) is essential to the effectiveness of Whitehall – but so little is known about the realities of the job, beyond the sensationalised aspects in the media. But in the latest instalment of the Institute for Government’s ‘InsideOUT series’, former spad Giles Wilkes argues it is time this important role was taken seriously.
27th November 2014
Speech to the Institute for Government Thank you Peter for inviting me to take part in your debate about effective government.
27th November 2014
The Institute for Government welcomes today’s announcement on the next phase of devolution to Scotland, reached by cross-party agreement.