Press releases

16th September 2016
The months since the UK voted to leave the European Union have raised challenging questions about the nature of government, the leaders we want, and our faith in experts in a ‘post-truth’ age.
13th September 2016
Brexit presents a range of challenges for the country, but a new paper finds the public is more likely now to believe that politicians will prioritise running government effectively.
5th September 2016
Three years ago, almost exactly to the day, the National Audit Office reported that Universal Credit – by far the biggest and most ambitious reform to Britain’s welfare system – was heading for now
1st August 2016
The Government’s ambitious plan to save money while improving local public services for citizens hinges on better working between local organisations.
25th July 2016
When schools, hospitals and councils fail, it is the people who rely on those services who are the worst affected.
14th July 2016
The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has undertaken an extensive reshuffle today, reconfiguring three departments and creating a new one entirely.
12th July 2016
The Institute for Government welcomes the new Civil Service Workforce Plan, launched today by the
11th July 2016
Theresa May, the next Prime Minister (PM), has publicly stated that she favours a ‘Minister for Brexit’. A new report by the Institute finds that there are several options available to her. 
13th June 2016
Politicians from around the world frequently look to the UK for help and expertise to design and implement their own government reforms, often encouraged by global figures such as Michael Barber an
27th May 2016
The Institute for Government is pleased to announce that Bronwen Maddox, editor of Prospect and former Times and Financial Times journalist, will become its Director from September 2016.