We run a diverse range of events featuring some of the world's most innovative public servants, politicians and academics to stimulate fresh thinking about government.

Our events range from conferences and lectures to small, focused seminars and workshops on contemporary issues affecting government. They provide opportunities to engage through formal debate and informal discussion.

Our building is set in the heart of Westminster and Whitehall and provides an ideal meeting place to discuss the challenges of making government work.

Women Leaders Event Series

3rd March 2015
For the next event in our Women Leaders series, we have assembled a panel of top mentors to give attendees practical and useful advice on developing their careers in and around government.
4th March 2015
Nick Boles, Minister of State for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department for Education, will lead a panel discussion on how to improve the development and content of UK skills strategies.  
10th March 2015
With the general election nearly upon us, the opinion polls, betting markets and pundits are agreed on one thing: another hung parliament is the most likely outcome. But what happens next? 
13th March 2015
This event, jointly hosted by the Institute for Government and the Universities of Bristol and the West of England, will look at how cities are exploiting and adapting the mayoral model. 
16th March 2015
Following our 10 March event on the prospects of another coalition government, on the evening of 16 March the Institute for Government will host an event to both consider the prospects of a minority government emerging, and discuss how such a government might be made successful.
18th March 2015
In his new book, Barber draws on his international experience of working for and with government to present a blueprint for how to run a government, delivering much better results for citizens without excessive taxes.