We run a diverse range of events featuring some of the world's most innovative public servants, politicians and academics to stimulate fresh thinking about government.

Our events range from conferences and lectures to small, focused seminars and workshops on contemporary issues affecting government. They provide opportunities to engage through formal debate and informal discussion.

Our building is set in the heart of Westminster and Whitehall and provides an ideal meeting place to discuss the challenges of making government work.

Women Leaders event series

The Institute for Government is hosting a series of events on women leaders in government. For more details go to our Women Leaders event page.

Big Thinkers event series

The Institute for Government is hosting a series of events featuring leading international thinkers on effective government. For more detail go to our Big Thinkers event page.

28th April 2014
This event will focus on initiatives across government which are transforming the operating models and ways of working across Whitehall departments
30th April 2014
In the first event in our series on Government & the Economy, Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills will lead the discussion by setting out BIS’s stance on industrial strategy, what has been achieved so far and where its future lies in the UK.
7th May 2014
This event will mark the publication of two parallel reports Year Five: Whitehall and the Parties in the Final Year of Coalition and Pre-election contacts between Civil Service and the parties: lessons from 2010. 
13th May 2014
The Institute for Government is delighted to welcome the Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP to give a keynote speech on the role of the state.