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Clarity of accountability – are permanent secretary objectives helping?

, 27 January 2014

Permanent secretaries’ objectives notionally form the basis for their performance management. They are used by the Cabinet Secretary or the Head of the Civil Service – the permanent secretaries are managed between them – as the basis for permanent secretaries’ annual appraisal discussions and pay awards. At that classic ‘hope you miss this’ time,...

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Permanent secretaries need permission to plan for the future

, 7 January 2014

Except, that is, for George Osborne, who this week promised that 2014 will be a ‘year of hard truths’. Pointing to his ongoing efforts to close the structural budget deficit, the Chancellor has said that a further £25bn of cuts will be needed after the next election in 2015. Anyone who has looked at...

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A perm sec named Sue

, 4 September 2013

It is hardly a surprise that the new appointee to DCMS is a woman – after almost two years at the top of the civil service, Sir Bob Kerslake and Sir Jeremy Heywood had failed to promote a single woman to permanent secretary – and had faced a mini-exodus of their predecessor’s much trumpeted...

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Winning the global race for talent: will Carney blaze the trail for more public sector imports?

, 4 July 2013

Like many of our top football clubs, and the England cricket team, many of our major companies are run by foreigners – a 2008 survey by some headhunters found that a third of CEOs came from overseas (14 from the US, 10 from Continental Europe and Ireland and 10, like Carney, from the Commonwealth)....

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For how long should ministers be in place?

, 25 May 2011

A near universal complaint of former and current ministers and civil servants interviewed for the Institute’s new report The Challenge of Being a Minister is about the damaging effects of over-frequent reshuffles on the quality of government.

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Impermanent secretaries

, 31 March 2011

At a time when Whitehall faces unprecedented cuts, and with a new ministerial management team in charge, it could be assumed that there would be a premium on experience and stability among top officials.

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A suitable job for a woman

, 21 December 2010

We are coming near to the end of the Permanent Secretary musical chairs which started in the summer.

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How permanent secretaries reach the top

, 8 October 2010

We looked at the people who were permanent secretaries and second permanent secretaries in the main departments of state and the devolved administrations at the end of 2009. This gives a total of 29 people who can sit round the table at the Cabinet Secretary’s Wednesday morning meeting.

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