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Bonfire or damp squib: the real story behind civil service headcount

, 6 August 2011

“At least 4,500 civil servants have been taken on since the election in May last year by Government departments and quangos – three times the number that have been handed compulsory redundancy notices” reports the Daily Mail. The source? Figures released by eight Whitehall Departments to a series of parliamentary questions on recruitment and...

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Lords Joint Committee

, 13 July 2011

Creating a largely or wholly elected second chamber will be the most long drawn-out and bitterly fought legislation of this parliament. So there has been a widespread welcome for the creation of a Joint Committee of both Houses to consider the draft House of Lords Reform Bill. This is just the type of pre-legislative...

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Incrementally revolutionising public services

, 12 July 2011

The quote serves as a reminder that over the last 30 years public service reform has been underpinned by some common, perhaps clichéd themes. Successive governments have repeatedly told us they will make public services more ‘citizen centric’, will ‘open up government’ and provide more ‘choice’ for service users. So is Cameron’s promise  to...

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Why the government needs to improve the mayoral offer

, 21 June 2011

On our tour of these 11 cities we were told by chief executives, officials, councillors, business and voluntary sector leaders alike that elected mayors could offer greater accountability and clear leadership at a local level, but that the mayoral offer to local authorities needs to be more clearly defined.  Yesterday we got more clarity...

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Shifting the blame

, 8 March 2011

John Reid had a go when he described the Home Office as “not fit for purpose”. Last week the Cabinet Secretary revealed that he had had to write to the Prime Minister asking him to rein in special advisors after personal attacks on a public official. And yesterday the Prime Minister himself was at...

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