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Smith is a major constitutional milestone – but on a road to where?

, 28 November 2014

The Smith Commission report on further devolution to Scotland sets out a package of further powers that the unionist and nationalist parties have agreed should be transferred to the Scottish Parliament. Inevitably this goes too far for some and not far enough for others. The detail of the package – which includes further tax,...

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16 scenarios for governing after the referendum

, 11 September 2014

In this context, the Institute for Government publishes today a new scenarios analysis paper that looks at the effects and the implementation challenges of 16 distinct scenarios – 10 for Scotland, 4 for Wales and 2 for Northern Ireland – ranging from the status quo in each country, through various proposed systems for further...

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Ed’s local concerns

, 14 April 2014

The UK is one of the most centralised political systems of its size in the world. But last week, Ed Miliband promised he would change all that should Labour be elected in 2015. Broadly, he pledged two things, both of which build on the current government’s decentralising efforts. First, an expansion of the Regional...

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Sterling for subs? Scotland’s referendum and the future of the UK

, 1 November 2013

As Professor Iain McLean, expert on Scottish politics and history, told the audience, constitutional preferences among Scottish voters have been ’remarkably stable’ over a long period. Data from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey showed that support for independence has never topped 37% since the survey began in 1997, and has if anything declined since...

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The decline in public trust in government

, 26 July 2013

For example the recent one year on report on the civil service reform plan proposes to: give ministers the power to extend their ministerial office by making personal appointments of additional special advisers and other external appointees having already increased ministerial involvement in the permanent secretary appointment,  move to a fixed tenure appointment for...

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Guest blog: A homage to Caledonia

, 9 November 2012

In Spain unemployment has reached 5.8 million people and now stands at above 25%. The severe European economic crisis is hitting Spain hard and things are made worse by the legacy of bad economic management and planning. Spanish citizens, many of them holding university degrees, are emigrating. This is a tragedy for a country...

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Multiple Choice Test

, 27 October 2011

This week’s rebellion by Conservative backbenchers may have been thwarted, but a referendum on withdrawal from the Union is still likely to take place this Parliament. Not the European Union (though if treaty renegotiation is back on the agenda this cannot be ruled out), but the Union of England and Scotland, which has lasted...

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Next steps in Welsh devolution

, 18 October 2011

The eagerly-awaited Commission on Devolution in Wales will get to work in the next few weeks, following the announcement by Secretary of State Cheryl Gillan on 11 October. This development comes at a time when the Scotland Bill, which will transfer further tax-raising and borrowing powers to Edinburgh, is being examined in the House of Lords,...

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John Major on the Union and the future of politics

, 12 July 2011

First he in effect called for a “devolution max” offer to be made to Scotland, and then for a straight “in or out” referendum to be held upon it.  By “devolution max”, Major includes full fiscal responsibility and pretty well all law making powers, except in respect of defence and foreign policy. He clearly...

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Opening up policy making: The wisdom of four

, 14 June 2011

Current planning policy runs to thousands of pages. The normal process is to do it in-house – ministers and civil servants redraft; then consult; amend (a bit) and promulgate. New drafts are largely the responsibility of the people who wrote the old versions – with the in-built conservatism that implies. And what looks good to...

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