No means what? Proposals for further devolution after Scotland’s referendum

, 19 June 2014

As the independence referendum draws near, the three pro-Union parties have published a joint statement in support of further devolution in the event of a no vote on 18 September. This follows the publication of separate proposals by the three parties over recent months. The joint statement highlighted the areas of crossover between the...

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Pre-Shuffle: The Real Deal with Cabinet Reshuffles Under Cameron and Blair

, 18 June 2014

With both the European and local elections, and the Newark by-election, out of the way, political attention – and media focus – has shifted to a possible Cabinet reshuffle.

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Government savings: the figures behind the headlines

, 17 June 2014

Last week, the Chancellor and the Minister for Cabinet Office announced that the Government had saved £14.3bn compared to spending levels in 2009/10. Given the wealth of information that the Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) have put into the public domain, we can take a more detailed look at the numbers.

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Flood risk management: Now is the time to be innovative

, 17 June 2014

Now that the winter floods of 2014 have receded, many victims will continue to piece their livelihoods back together over the coming weeks and months ahead. Some hard questions are being posed about the extent of flood defence spending, particularly following the budget announcement when a further £140 million was apportioned to it. This...

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School of hard knocks: is Ofsted’s survival under threat?

, 12 June 2014

The dust is slowly settling after reports from the Department of Education and Ofsted this week identified significant failings in a number of Birmingham’s schools. The degree to which these schools ‘failed to promote British values’ and whether doing so breached regulatory requirements is still not entirely clear. But the media frenzy and...

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Counting down: The latest civil service staff numbers

, 11 June 2014

As of March 2014, there are 405,070 civil servants (Full time equivalent – FTE), down 73,060 since Spending Review 2010. In the June 2012 Civil Service Reform Plan, the Coalition committed to reducing the size of the Civil Service by some 23% over the course of this parliament. The Government remains on track to...

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