Guest blog: What has the Treasury ever done for us?

, 25 June 2014

Lots of people have been having a go at the Treasury recently in the long run-up to the election. The critique focuses on the role of the Treasury in its guise as the Ministry of Finance. Broadly speaking, it says that the Treasury is too powerful and exercises its power in a non-cooperative way....

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Building a ‘northern powerhouse’: it may(or may not) work

, 24 June 2014

George Osborne has set out his vision for the future of Britain’s northern cities, proposing new mayors with Boris Johnson-style powers. This is a positive development, but has he considered barriers to decentralisation that we’ve recently identified?

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Civil Service capabilities plan: one year matured

, 23 June 2014

The Cabinet Office recently published the first ‘annual refresh’ of its Capabilities Plan. While the update gives a clearer sense of direction, it also begins to raise longer term questions about driving up capability in the Civil Service.

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Miscarriage of justice: why government needs to take care in implementing social justice policies

, 20 June 2014

Today’s Public Accounts Committee report on the “fiasco” of personal independence payments, the new non-means tested benefit designed to replace Disability Living Allowance, shows why implementation matters when dealing with reforms which affect the most vulnerable members of society.

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New blood for select committees

, 19 June 2014

The Commons select committee system has just received a further injection of new blood in the person of former GP, and Conservative back-bencher, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP. What does her election as the new Chair of the health select committee tell us about the way the system is changing?

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No means what? Proposals for further devolution after Scotland’s referendum

, 19 June 2014

As the independence referendum draws near, the three pro-Union parties have published a joint statement in support of further devolution in the event of a no vote on 18 September. This follows the publication of separate proposals by the three parties over recent months. The joint statement highlighted the areas of crossover between the...

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