Brexit: What we now know

, 3 October 2016

Just last Thursday, we called on Theresa May to break her silence over her plans for Brexit. At the Conservative Party Conference yesterday, she did so. While an indication of timeline is welcome, it is outcomes that matter. And achieving the best possible outcome will depend on the right process of engagement and consultation...

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Brexit: What now for UK immigration policy?

, 29 September 2016

Most people agree with former immigration minister Mark Harper MP’s assertion that ‘the referendum result was very clear – there’s no chance that free movement as it currently works is going to remain’. What is less clear, however, is what kind of immigration system the UK needs, and the mechanisms government should use to...

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Ministers Reflect: The Labour years, 1997–2010

, 26 September 2016

When we launched ‘Ministers Reflect’, an archive of interviews with former ministers about what it’s really like in the corridors of power, we started by interviewing ministers who were in power since 2010. Today we’ve added 15 interviews with ministers from the last Labour government, including former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, Home Secretary and...

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What happens if the UK and devolved governments can’t agree on Brexit

, 23 September 2016

At Holyrood yesterday, I gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament, discussing how the devolved governments should be involved in Brexit. Theresa May travelled to Edinburgh in her very first days as Prime Minister to declare that her administration would seek a “UK approach and objectives” to Brexit. In Edinburgh, this statement was interpreted as...

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100 days of solitude: progress since the decision to leave the EU

, 23 September 2016

Whitehall In Whitehall both political leadership and civil service machinery have evolved rapidly. Remember the ‘Brexit Unit’? It didn’t outlast its creator (David Cameron) and instead Theresa May converted it into a new Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU), led by David Davis. She also added a new Department for International Trade, led by...

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Out of the frying pan, into the FOIA: government departments and Freedom of Information requests, Q2 2016

, 22 September 2016

FoI requests are a key tool for members of the public, politicians, and the press to hold Government departments to account. How departments respond to them is a good indicator of their administrative competence and openness. MoJ received the most FoI requests, closely followed by MoD. Government received a total of 11,037 requests between...

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