Delivering major projects: the future

, 12 January 2016

In its report, the NAO rightly points to the fact that progress has been made on many key areas of major project oversight and delivery in the last few years, highlighting in particular the role of the Major Projects Authority (MPA) – now the Infrastructure and Major Projects Authority (IPA). The improvements it has...

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Payday: Civil Service salaries

, 11 January 2016

November’s Spending Review reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to funding public sector workforces ‘for an average pay award of 1% for four years from 2016/17 onwards’, as announced in the Summer Budget and discussed in the Institute for Government’s Managing with Less report. This blog looks at pay in the Civil Service, which makes up...

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How innovative is Whitehall?

, 6 January 2016

Whitehall has long recognised the need for innovation in government and has tried a number of ways to drive innovation from the centre – as we’ve shown in our report Centre Forward. But it’s hard to measure the extent of innovation in government. One evidenced way of doing it is to focus on whether...

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Making an evidence check work

, 5 January 2016

It’s often fiendishly difficult to find out what evidence (if any) underpins the policy announcements that ministers make – something we documented in our Show Your Workings report last October. Despite a government government commitment in 2013 to publish more of its evidence base, little progress has been made and the structure of the...

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After Nick: what the Treasury (and the rest of us) needs in its next permanent secretary

, 4 January 2016

The Treasury is always one of the most powerful departments in Whitehall – but at the moment it stands head and shoulders above the rest. That is in part due to the Chancellor – with a writ that runs over any areas of policy he is interested in (infrastructure, the supply side, decentralisation and...

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2016: high stakes for the Government and the UK

, 2 January 2016

It is almost impossible to talk about any subject – the implementation of the public spending review, decisions on big infrastructure projects such as expansion of London’s airport capacity, the review of human rights legislation and the future of the union itself – without taking account of the promised referendum on the UK’s membership...

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