50 ways to leave a coalition – and how to govern in the final phase

, 28 November 2013

These questions – and more – are the subject of a seminar at the Institute for Government – ‘50 Ways to Leave a Coalition’. In practice, there may not be 50 distinct scenarios, but as our panellists from the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Sweden will illustrate, there are quite a range of potential endgames....

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The blunders of their government: what can we learn from the problems of Obamacare?

, 21 November 2013

President Obama has staked his political reputation on the Affordable Care Act – designed to bring health care to millions of uninsured Americans. He pushed it through Congress on the most acrimonious of split votes, with not a single Republican voting in its favour. Had Romney won last year, Obamacare would have been consigned...

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Outsourcing and the price of political scrutiny

, 20 November 2013

According to one of two reports on public service contracting published by the National Audit Office last week, the ‘big four’ earned £6.6 billion (bn) between them from the UK government and public sector in 2012-13. They received this for running back office functions like IT and facilities but also for frontline services like...

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Will the response to Francis really make things better?

, 19 November 2013

Including some measures already announced there will be new Ofsted-style ratings of hospitals and new hospital, social care and GP chief inspectors. Hospitals will report monthly, ward by ward and shift by shift on whether they meet minimum staffing levels. There will be a new legal duty of candour on organisations, with a requirement...

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Never mind lean in – hands up!

, 15 November 2013

The IfG has expressed concern about the low numbers of women in the Cabinet and at the top of the Civil Service. With only 24% of MPs being women, we wanted to find positive examples of success to help inspire others and help government be more effective in his area. We asked the speakers,...

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Sterling for subs? Scotland’s referendum and the future of the UK

, 1 November 2013

As Professor Iain McLean, expert on Scottish politics and history, told the audience, constitutional preferences among Scottish voters have been ’remarkably stable’ over a long period. Data from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey showed that support for independence has never topped 37% since the survey began in 1997, and has if anything declined since...

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