Whitehall – a breakdown of confidence or a breakdown of competence?

, 16 July 2013

The rumblings The press is full of questions about the accountability and competence of the senior civil service. Francis Maude, amongst others, has spoken critically of the Civil Service and recognised that the 2012 white paper has not led to transformative change. Of course, the professional defenders of the Civil Service point to its...

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DIPs – worthy successors to Capability Reviews?

, 15 July 2013

Action 16 in the Civil Service Reform Plan heralded the end of Capability Reviews and introduced Departmental Improvement Plans (or DIPs) as their successor. The reform plan committed to two departments piloting DIPs before they are rolled out across the board in 2014. Just ahead of the ‘one year on’ review of progress, not...

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Civil service reform: one year on

, 10 July 2013

They are upfront about what has gone less well: “we were too slow to mobilise… we did not identify clear leadership or adequate resources for the actions… it is vital to accelerate the programme of Civil Service Reform” There has been valuable progress on some important elements of the reform plan. Some ideas that...

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Unclear line of sight

, 10 July 2013

Underneath the headline numbers announced in the Spending Round on 26 June, ‘efficiency savings’ accounted for a whopping £5 billion – or 43% – of the total £11.5 billion of cuts. What is far from clear is where those “efficiencies” will come from. The closest we can get is looking at the changes to...

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Costing chaos comprehensively – easier said than done

, 5 July 2013

We contend that it would be cheaper to increase support for some 999 service users if the result is better engagement with mainstream health services and less reliance on emergency care. This is because an appointment with a GP is about a fifth of the price of going to A+E for the same treatment....

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Winning the global race for talent: will Carney blaze the trail for more public sector imports?

, 4 July 2013

Like many of our top football clubs, and the England cricket team, many of our major companies are run by foreigners – a 2008 survey by some headhunters found that a third of CEOs came from overseas (14 from the US, 10 from Continental Europe and Ireland and 10, like Carney, from the Commonwealth)....

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