Decentralisation power plays

, 22 October 2014

Everyone wants a piece of the decentralisation cake - but there are too many cooks and disagreements about who is head chef.

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Streaming data: Civil Service Fast Stream recruitment in six charts

, 20 October 2014

The latest statistics on the Civil Service Fast Stream are in the news today, through the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission’s State of the Nation report and an article by Labour’s Shadow Equalities Minister, Gloria de Piero. Petr Bouchal and Gavin Freeguard look at the longer-term trends.

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The updated guidance on the Osmotherly Rules

, 20 October 2014

Civil servants running the biggest projects will now be directly accountable to Parliament. The 34-year-old Osmotherly rules, providing guidance for ministers and civil servants appearing before select committees, have been rewritten to allow parliamentary select committees to question key officials (the Senior Responsible Owners or SROs) about the implementation of key projects.

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By Prime Ministerial Appointment: the PM and Permanent Secretaries

, 17 October 2014

The Civil Service Commission had gone out on a limb on the issue of Permanent Secretary appointments in face of the views of the three main parties and many senior civil servants. So its latest announcement that the Prime Minister will, in future, be given a choice of candidates for around 25 heads of...

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Honesty is the best policy: why the civil service policy profession needs to keep talking about the progress it’s making.

, 13 October 2014

The Civil Service Policy Profession has marked a busy year in its agenda to improve the core function of Whitehall, but the real test of whether policy making is becoming a truly professional discipline may be its continued willingness to discuss openly how far there is still to go.

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Devo Gaps: Parties remain far apart on Scottish devolution plans

, 10 October 2014

Just three weeks ago the people of Scotland voted to stay in the UK. Today, the debate on the next phase of devolution begins in earnest as Scotland’s five main political parties (the four you would guess plus the Scottish Greens) have submitted their proposals to Lord Smith of Kelvin – the one-man commission...

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