How to devolve power – ideas from the Labour Party Conference

, 26 September 2014

Party conference season is upon us. As the last conferences before next May’s general election, they are particularly important this year. Not only do parties need to galvanise their support base, but it’s also time for them to start promoting their 2015 policy pledges.

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Total recall: the background to the recall of Parliament

, 25 September 2014

Parliament is being recalled on Friday to debate the UK response to the Iraqi Government's request for support against ISIL. But what is ‘recall’, how is it decided when MPs and peers should be summoned back to Westminster when Parliament isn’t sitting, and how unusual is it?

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Delivery – what the UK can learn from Maryland and elsewhere

, 22 September 2014

Look at any list of Democrat presidential contenders for 2016 and you’re likely to find Maryland’s Governor, Martin O’Malley. And if he does decide to run he’ll certainly point to his track record of delivery in office – helped by combining a delivery unit with data science and transparency. O'Malley is one of a...

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Numbers game: the latest Civil Service staff numbers

, 17 September 2014

The total number of civil servants is 408,010, up 2,940 on the previous quarter. This is only the second quarter since Spending Review 2010 where the Civil Service has grown compared to the previous one. This is because 9,100 probation staff are counted as civil servants for the first time, having joined the National...

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The new English question?

, 16 September 2014

The prospect of further devolution to Scotland and the home nations makes decentralisation in England more likely – but far from certain.

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Improving housing supply requires planning reforms

, 12 September 2014

The CBI argued in its Housing Britain report published earlier this week, that housing “is not just a social priority – it is a key business issue; high cost of moving home, and lack of decent and affordable housing, are barriers to attracting and retaining employees”. It sees the failure of successive governments to...

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