Audacious policy implementation – six questions from the 2001 Fuel Poverty Strategy

, 8 April 2014

On any analysis, these commitments qualify as what management guru Jim Collins calls BHAGs: Big Hairy Audacious Goals. BHAGs focus on long-term change, acting as an ambitious vision to orient action. Government is a natural place for BHAGs. The incentive for politicians is to identify the gap between the status quo and the future...

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Diversity in the Civil Service – key trends

, 7 April 2014

We’ve used the Civil Service Employment Survey, which is published every year (in October) by the Office for National Statistics. The ONS publication covers subjects including grade, gender, age, ethnicity, disability and profession within the Civil Service. Our analysis of the 2013 survey shows that although the size of the Civil Service has reduced...

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A partially-reformed Civil Service – not an unreformed Whitehall

, 4 April 2014

Discussion about the Civil Service has heated up recently – with debates in Lords and the Commons, and with the formation of new cross-party group GovernUp. All that is good and the Institute for Government welcomes the broadening of the public debate on themes we have long addressed such as improving capability, commercial skills...

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Separate space: Lessons from Scotland for the end of coalition

, 3 April 2014

In our new research paper, the Institute for Government discusses lessons Whitehall could learn from Scotland, and the ‘separate space’ system that operated in the final months of the Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition up until 2007. Separate space allowed the two coalition parties – and the major opposition parties – to receive civil service support...

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ColaLife: a textbook case of innovative policy making and effective implementation

, 2 April 2014

I will declare an interest. Five years ago, when I was working at Defra we recruited Simon Berry to lead our work on the way the department worked with the third sector. We managed to hang onto Simon for 18 months, guiding him through the ways of Whitehall, before he announced that he and...

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Happy returns for the health reforms?

, 1 April 2014

GPs to commission all local care. A separate commissioning board – now called NHS England – to do the specialist stuff and hold the GPs’ contracts. A more formal recognition of the role of choice and competition. New Health and Wellbeing Boards to bring health and social care more closely together, etc, etc So...

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