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Performance related pay: what Whitehall should learn from UK Sport

, 19 December 2012

And others suffered cuts – notably swimming, which underperformed in the fantastic Aquatic centre with two bronzes and a silver; archery, volleyball and badminton which were all medal-free zones. The clear message is that sports federations who deliver results get funded – and those that don’t, get cut. The day before UK Sport’s funding...

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Spectator sport – learning lessons from the Olympics

, 17 December 2012

It took the best part of a decade for the London Olympics & Paralympics to be bid for, won and ultimately delivered. It took 29 days for both events to provide a festival of sport that would swamp the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist. It took the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) a...

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Learning from the best

, 14 December 2012

Managers then had to produce ten-point action plans on how to implement innovations that they had picked up on their secondments. This example is one amongst many of how organisations share knowledge to improve performance. Inspiration can come from unlikely sources and I find that by looking beyond your department you can often find...

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Laying down the law

, 12 December 2012

At the heart of this fiasco is the story of a department attempting an innovative approach to commissioning but never getting to grips with it. The Treasury signed off the process on the basis that this was “a pilot to inform future decisions, but would not represent a final model for future franchises”. Even...

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Much ado about nothing? The row over ministerial involvement in permanent secretary appointments

, 11 December 2012

Last week’s decision by the prime minister to block the appointment of David Kennedy as Permanent Secretary at the Department of Energy and Climate Change has rekindled the debate on the role of ministers in civil service appointments. The debate was initially sparked by the Civil Service Reform Plan, published in June 2012, which...

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